How to Arrange a Holiday Party That the Office Will Remember

Throwing a company holiday party can be a really fun experience. It gives the office staff a chance to unwind and socialize with their colleagues in a relaxed and informal manner. However, planning office parties during the holiday season does require careful preparation and planning. There are a lot of different people to please and you need to find a way to cater for them all. To help you arrange a holiday party that the office will remember (for all the right reasons), here is some advice you should take.

How to Arrange a Holiday Party That the Office Will Remember

Start Planning Early

When you are hosting a party for such a large and diverse group of people, you should start planning it as soon as possible. There are many good reasons to why you should throw a holiday party. One is to show appreciation, so you should make an effort to make it a fun filled experience for everyone. Planning your office Christmas party in advance also makes it easier to confirm a date and a suitable venue for the celebration.

Book Your Venue

If you choose to rent a party space, then you will have fewer limitations, as long as the party plans are within your budget. You can book a DJ or create a theme. You can hire a venue that is easily accessible for people who don’t have their own method of transport. Choosing your venue will require research, planning and some feedback from the office team.

Offer Different Food

Nowadays, people have many different dietary requirements. Whether it is due to an allergy, health condition or by choice, a large group of people may struggle to enjoy themselves if they are all offered the same food. Instead, you should have a wide variety of food available. This includes drinks as well. This will allow you to successfully cater for a large number of people and will reduce the risk of party guests going home hungry.

Arrange an Activity

To make your Christmas party really stand out, you should arrange an activity. You could make this activity the main event, or combine it with a classic evening do. Combining the event will make it easier for everyone to get involved. Planning an activity can be fun, offer people new experiences and enhance skills. It could be physical or more relaxed, depending on the people who plan on attending. 

Get Some Feedback

Getting feedback from the office is essential before you plan your Christmas party. This will help you to arrange something that is suitable for everyone who is getting involved, including location, activity preferences and dietary requirements. Many party planners are put off speaking to their guests because they want the experience to be a fun surprise, but you can still ensure this and potentially guarantee even more success by asking for feedback.

Every office is unique and there will be no right or wrong way to tackle these differences. You need to do what is best for your office environment and team. By following these planning tips, things will be easier for you.

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