How to Boost Weed Harvest from Autoflowering Seeds

How to Boost Weed Harvest from Autoflowering Seeds

Many growers are going for autoflower seeds because they grow faster than the other kinds of marijuana seeds.  Despite their rapid growth, many farmers don’t enjoy these genetics’ perks because they lack information. Like any other field, growing autoflowering cannabis seeds require one to arm themselves with the proper knowledge. If you want to optimize your production from the autoflowering strains, stay tuned for juicy tips and tricks.

Prepare Before Hand

Because autoflowers seeds multiply and don’t give you enough room to prepare, it’s critical to get ready before you plant them. While you’re preparing for their planting, it helps to think about the kinds of soil to use, the nutrients to feed your plant with, the ventilation you require, and the sort of illumination to use.

If you haven’t thought through the elements mentioned above, it means that you’re not ready. While other strains may offer you plenty of time to prepare when you’ve sown the seeds, the autoflowering seeds are a different ballgame as they grow faster. So, it pays to ensure that everything is in order before you bury the seeds.

Before you purchase the seeds, it’s critical to research around to find a dealer who offers high-quality autoflowering seeds. Remember, you can sufficiently prepare the space but fail to plant high-quality seeds that may render your efforts useless. For example, https://amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com/seedshop-autoflowering-seeds offer the best grains for your grow.

Avoid Transplanting Plants

Because autoflowering plants grow faster, it’s advisable to start them in their end pots because they may lack enough time to heal if you transplant them. Remember, transplanting the plants can damage them, and the trauma can adversely affect their yields. However, if your circumstances dictate that you transplant your plants, ensure that the growing medium is similar and moisten it. Avoid transplanting the plants to dry soil as it may damage the roots.

In the end, you’ll realize that the best strategy for growing your autoflowering cannabis seeds is to start them straight away in their final containers. Suffice to say that minimal disturbance promises bountiful yields.

Select Well-Draining Containers

It’s recommended that you choose containers that are proportional to the size of your plant. Whereas moderate-sized plants may need 5-7 gallons pots, massive plants may need containers with over 11 gallons. Besides choosing containers of the right size, it’s critical to ensure that those containers are well-aerated as autoflowering plants thrive well in containers that allow excellent breathing.

Minimize Nutrient Potency

Some beginners tend to overfeed their plants, thinking that the tactic may boost the yields. While this is understandable, it’s critical to understand that pumping excessive nutrients to your plants may burn them. Unlike the photoperiod plants with more extensive roots, autoflowers have a minor root system, requiring adjusting nutrients accordingly.

Suppose you want to get it well in the nutrient application. In that case, you start experimenting with smaller amounts like half of the recommended dosage and move gradually till you reach an optimal level. For example, if the recommended quantity is 6ml/liter, you can start with 3ml and evaluate how the plant behaves. However, some autoflowering plants are bulk nutrient consumers and require a more potent dose after initial experimentation with a smaller quantity.

Check the PH

The amount of acidity or alkalinity in your growing medium significantly influences how the plants uptake nutes. Regardless of the medium you use to grow your autoflower seeds, and it’s critical to ensure that the PH is proper all the time. Autoflowering plants thrive well in a PH level of 6.0-7.0. If the PH levels are wrong, plants may not uptake nutrients appropriately, impairs their growth, hence poor yields. If your medium’s PH falls below or goes above the recommended range, your plants can’t absorb specific nutrients, such as Magnesium. So, regardless of the number of feeds you pump into your plant, you may fail if your PH is wrong.

Use the Correct Lighting System

Once your autoflower seeds have germinated, your seedlings will need enough light for photosynthesis. Within the outdoor environment, you may not regulate the light for optimal performance. However, when growing your cannabis indoors, you’ve to control your plants’ lighting to maximize your yields. Suffice to say, there are multiple lighting solutions in the market, including LEDs, CFLs, and fluorescent solutions. You should invest in LEDs for optimal outcomes as it’s an excellent solution for any autoflowering plants.

Use Appropriate Training Methods

Proper training of your plants can boost their yields. For autoflowering plants, you may not perform all the training practices because of the shortage of time. Therefore, apply Low-Stress-Techniques to train them.


Besides investing in the best autoflowering cannabis seeds, the practices mentioned above can boost your plants’ yields. It’s therefore critical to ensure that you follow every step keenly to get value for your investment.

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