How to Build a Great Team for Your Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise

How to Build a Great Team for Your Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise

As a business owner, you hold a majority of the responsibility for both the success of your business and your team as a whole. While you will likely have a management team to delegate responsibility to, ultimately, it is your responsibility to oversee the proper functioning of your company and ensure your team is the best it can be. Part of that responsibility is based around creating the best team you can, and that can take a lot of time and effort to get right. To help you in this endeavour, we’ve put together this guide which will give you a number of tips to consider for creating a great team.

Take Your Time When Hiring

It’s important that you spend plenty of time deciding on the right people for the job. While you can take advantage of probation periods to identify those that aren’t fit for the job, this will still take up your time and resources when you may have been better off waiting for the right person to come around instead. Many businesses in the UK are experiencing big challenges when recruiting due to the competitive jobs market today. It’s important to remember that filling a position may take a bit longer than usual, so patience is key. The last thing you want is to fill your company with individuals that provide substandard performances due to a lack of drive and ambition, as well as the required skills for the role.

Provide Tempting Benefits and Rewards

To encourage the more talented individuals to take note of your business, it’s worth taking a look at the benefits you offer to your employees. Competition generally tends to come down to how much a business can offer to pay their employees, although when companies are offering salaries in the same ballpark, these candidates will then start to look further into the benefits of choosing your business over another. Company car schemes, generous holiday time, bonuses, and other benefits are all great ways to swing their choice in your favour. As well as this, show that you champion a positive and healthy company culture as this is a huge factor for many younger candidates today.

Offer a Fair Salary

You’ll also want to make sure you’re offering a fair and competitive salary to ensure employees choose you. Being upfront with your salary offering instead of just saying it’s competitive shows transparency and willingness, to be honest with your team. Identify the average salary in the UK for the roles you intend to fill before deciding on the salary you plan to offer candidates. Of course, you’re free to negotiate a higher salary with a potential employee, and many will try to do this. But when you do state a specific salary on the job specification, it may be a lot easier to avoid negotiations than if you merely state that the salary is competitive.

Define Your Expectations

When new members of your team start to enter your business following your stringent hiring process, you’ll want to ensure they are fully aware of what you expect from them and how your team operates from day one. Allowing a member of your team to start developing bad habits and acting in a way that you’d deem inappropriate for someone employed by your company is a very good way to start creating friction in your ranks. You don’t want that, and instead, you should seek to provide strict and clear guidance from the get-go. This not only helps your business to progress with the assistance of these new employees as quickly as possible, but it also helps to alleviate any fears and anxiety they would have with this new role and failing to understand what is required of them. A good quality onboarding team is essential when taking on new hires, so ensure you have this in place beforehand.

Show Your Employees Respect

A big part of creating a great team is to show that you care about your employees as well as respect them. Demonstrating a desire to hear the opinions and ideas of your staff and then implementing any useful ideas into your business plan will show your employees that they truly are a part of this business. Helping them to see that their thoughts and feelings are taken into consideration when you’re running your business is a great way to build motivation, and this, in turn, can lead to better quality work from your team.

Build Strong Connections

You may be of the opinion that healthy competition is a great addition to any business environment, but it may actually be seriously detrimental to your success. While there are pros and cons of competition in the workplace, building an environment where your team is constantly looking to get one up on each other could lead to your team avoiding each other or offering assistance when others are struggling with their workload. Instead, nurture a positive and helpful attitude among your employees and avoid encouraging them to compete with one another. Having your team treat each other as partners rather than competition or just a nameless figure sitting at a nearby desk is a great way to build a great team with high levels of productivity and motivation.

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