How to Buy an Ultrasound Machine for Your Business

How to Buy an Ultrasound Machine for Your Business

In the case of diagnosis and life-saving purposes, ultrasound machines can be of great help. Like any other medical equipment, choosing and operating an ultrasound machine can be a complicated thing.

This type of medical equipment is technical and sophisticated. Investing in an ultrasound machine is undoubtedly expensive.

However, the budget is not the only concern while getting an ultrasound machine. Quality, workability, after-sale services—all these points are equally important as well.

It needs a lot of research if you wish to buy an ultrasound machine. Depending on needs and one’s budget, a person can decide whether he wants to get a new or refurbished computer.

Other than that, one can choose from variations like portable or consoled machines. Plus, there are several times of imaging software; one can choose according to their needs.

So, before investing in an ultrasound machine, considering the below-mentioned points is highly recommended.

Identify Your Needs

One cannot determine which type of machine will suit him if he doesn’t understand his needs. In order to clarify your needs, some basic questions need to get answered.

What is going to be your main purpose of using an ultrasound machine?

The primary purpose of an ultrasound machine is to get a clear internal image of tissues and organs within the body. The device uses high-frequency sound waves to create such images.

Though the concept is moreover the same in every variation of such medical equipment, still the buyer’s purpose needs to get cleared. If you only want to use the machine to get pregnancy-related diagnostics, or you want to get results of internal organ scans too. Even if you’re going to provide ultrasound therapy too, then also the type of machine can vary.

So, understanding your needs can lead you to get the appropriate ultrasound machine that suits your purposes.


Portable or Consoled Machine

While doing your research, you need to think about mobility too. This is because, depending on the same, you can get either console or a portable machine. The clinical workflow is also a concerned matter here. You need to understand which device can be suitable to work with for the health care professionals.

In some environments, the consoled ultrasound machine can be a great help. In the case of, if the requirement of mobility is much, then portable or even a handheld ultrasound machine can be useful.

Determining Your Budget

The cost is definitely a significant factor whether you go for a consoled or portable machine. It is not only about the initial cost; one also needs to know thoroughly about the maintenance cost. Your research should include some critical points like a similar machine’s price in the market or replacement parts cost, etc.

Consider the following points here to have a better understanding.

New or Refurbished

Without any doubt, the refurbished machine can be cost-effective and won’t hamper your budget at large. You don’t need to worry if the refurbished one would work or not, as the machines do their job well enough. However, if you are interested only in buying a new machine, you should still get a quote about refurbished machines too. Knowing the price of a refurbished one can help you in bargaining and negotiating the prices with the dealer.

Lease or Buy

Leasing an ultrasound machine is obviously a great option rather than spending a lot on a new device. Ultrasound machines lose their value over time, so investing in a new one may not be very productive.

 Installation Charges

The training and installation charges are extra when it comes to buying an ultrasound machine. You cannot omit these charges as it is applicable in almost every machine.

Other Types of Equipment and Software

Once you decide the budget according to your needs, you can start investigating the perfect machine. As you are going to get the ultrasound machine by yourself, you also need to find other equipments like probes and software. One of the most popular probes is the GE ultrasound probes.

Even after buying, one needs to know the other costs, like how much for a probe repair.

Not only that, one must know all the trustworthy repair solutions too. For instance, if anyone has opted for GE ultrasound probes, then he should know all the details of the GE ultrasound repair.

Identifying the Key Features

While researching for an ultrasound machine, there’s some technical specification that one should be aware about.


The frequency of an ultrasound machine determines whether the picture is going to be a clear one or the penetration will be more profound.

The frequency is inversely proportionate to the measurement of the penetration. That is why if the frequency is high (10-15 MHz), then the picture can come clear. whereas, if the frequency is low (1-2MHz), then the penetration is more in-depth.

Power Output

A crucial factor to keep in mind is power output. Higher power output can burn the tissues or skin layers. So, it is always highly recommended to use the machine in lower power settings.

Some other features like imaging, CW Doppler, 3D/4D options, and new features like Live 3D, HDlive are also one can look out for.

Availability of Parts

When going for a machine, the necessary and significant parts like monitors, keyboards, casts, upper controls have to be easily available. It is best to choose an alternative machine if the parts are expensive or not readily available.


A crucial thing that needs to keep in mind is that ultimately the health care professionals and the technician in your clinic are going to operate the machine. To enhance their skills, you need to think about a training session if necessary.

You can always ask the provider if they provide online or offline training. On-site training is still preferable in these cases.

 Keeping a balance in case of every mentioned factor is actually going to provide you the best suitable equipment that is going to be beneficial for you.

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