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Cardano (ADA) is a relatively new entrant in the cryptocurrency arena being first launched in October 2017, however it has risen quickly in terms of price and platform maturity. A decentralized smart contracts platform like Ethereum, Cardano aims to be more complex and developed than any other similar project. It relies on a research based, rigorously scientific and academic approach for development. Cardano price is slated for improvement in the long run, so how can you buy Cardano?


The most common way to acquire Cardano is to get it over digital exchanges, by exchanging it with your existing crypto-assets. The project has excellent traction and representation on all major exchanges. It has trading pairs against all leading crypto-assets which ensures excellent liquidity. You can acquire Cardano from Binance, Bittrex, Bithumb, Upbit, Huobi Global, OKEx, Kucoin amongst others.


Coinbase is the premier FIAT-On-Ramp gateway and cryptocurrency exchange, it allows you to acquire crypto-assets with traditional currency, which can be transferred there, using multiple ways. You can buy Cardano with relative ease from Coinbase platform and its especially suitable if you want to trade your FIAT for this crypto-asset, however trading for it, using other crypto-assets is also possible.


Arguably, the easiest way to acquire any crypto-asset with little effort and no need for account creation. You can acquire Cardano by exchanging it, against a large list of other supported cryptocurrencies. The service is fast, non custodial and supports over 150 crypto-assets. You only need to provide the amount and name of the cryptocurrency you want to exchange (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc), your recipient address where you will receive the desired tokens. Afterwards, provide your email address to save transaction history and send the cryptocurrency you wish to exchange to the given address. The process is now complete. You will receive Cardano on your address soon. There is a 0.25% service fees charged on each transaction. Plus you can buy crypto-assets using debit or credit cards also, however that service is limited.

Conversion from Cryptocurrency Wallets

Several wallets also provide the functionality to swap and convert assets, from within them, without having to leave the interface or provide much details for the process. Coinomi is one such well-known wallet, which can be used to acquire Cardano.

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