How to Choose the Best Bottled Water Wholesaler for Your Business

How to Choose the Best Bottled Water Wholesaler for Your Business

Most people buy bottled water because of its convenience; hence, it’s essential to buy a product that meets your clients’ needs. There are many qualities of a good bottled water wholesaler that you must evaluate before you decide to sign an agreement. The success or failure of your local bottled water business hinges on making sure you collaborate with an excellent wholesale water company. Here we look at the qualities of an excellent wholesale water company.

1. Must be Able to Offer a Competitive Price

The bottled water industry is very competitive; hence, an excellent wholesale water company should offer competitive prices with no hidden fees. The cost of bottled water should also include everything from bottle to bottle cap to sealing, giving you the best value on the market. However, it’s crucial to ensure that the competitive prices do not interfere with your product’s quality.

A reasonable purchasing price without hidden charges for your wholesale bottled water will give you a clear way ahead to making good profits and growing your business.

2. Must be Able to do Co-Packing

To create a thriving bottled water business, it’s a must to have a wholesale water company with co-packing capabilities. Co-Packing means that your bottled water partner does all of the work for you. They handle the bottling, collating, labeling, and warehouse work for you and wait as they ship your product at a small fee.

A wholesale water company with co-packing capabilities will provide the brand name, logos, package design in comprehensive services to save your franchisee’s initial investment. Consequently, your business will reduce operating costs, thus putting your business in a better position to make more profits. Doing co-packing with a water bottling business is the first step that will earn you a significant profit.

3. Should be Able to Produce Personalized Water Bottles and Labels

Selecting a bottled water wholesale company that can provide you with unique packaging for your personal use and marketing should be first and foremost on the list of priorities. Most wholesalers of bottled water can provide you with plastic water bottles and labels. However, not all distributors can handle customized orders.

 It’s essential to look for companies that can make customized bottles of water and brands with highly advanced labeling equipment and an automated bottle production line. Personalized bottles with your business name and logo will enable you to have an attractive advertising tool in addition to a convenient drinking source.

If your company can produce personalized water bottles and labels, acquiring such customized products will be easier and cheaper. Otherwise, you will have to establish new relationships with other manufacturers, which might be expensive.

4. Should be Able to Produce Fast and Quality Products

A good bottled water wholesaler should have a production line that is fast enough and consistent with keeping up with the demands and avoid delays. If your wholesaler for bottled water causes delays, it may lead to losses and a bad relationship with your customers.

A reliable wholesale bottled water company should use technology to produce better products and within a short time to meet your customer requirements. A facility with a high-speed production line will prevent delays and support your business in delivering to your clients as per your customers’ charter without compromising on quality.


Reliable bottled water wholesalers have embraced modern technology and take great personal pride in bringing you the best-bottled water that your businesses can purchase at a competitive price. One of the essential parts of your quest for the cheapest, highest quality bottled water is to buy from a reliable wholesaler who can do co-packing and offer you reasonable rates. Their high-speed production line will ensure that you can meet your targets for personalized bottled water even within short notice from your clients. An excellent wholesale water company will ensure you make your profits in the buying!

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