How To Create a Wedding Budget

How To Create a Wedding Budget

The average cost of a wedding is £24,900, which is not an insignificant amount. Many people could use this money to buy a car, ensure good healthcare, or even put down a down payment for a house. That being said, many people simply don’t have that kind of amount of money to spend on a wedding, regardless of if it is supposed to be the ‘best day of your life’.

But, does that mean you cannot get married? Of course not! Plenty of people are able to have gorgeous weddings for much less, and all it requires is you to be financially savvy with a budget.

If you want to know how you can create a great wedding for less, read this piece to find out more.

Start with the Essentials

The best place to start in any budget is the essentials. Thinking about the services or items that you absolutely cannot go without or that you could not do yourself is a good way of seeing what you actually need for your wedding, rather than what you want. Essentials such as an ordained minister (or equivalent) and a decent venue would make a useful beginning to make financial estimates for.

When you have an amount in place for this category, you can start to see if there are any lower prices than you anticipated or if any negotiations can be made.

The Unmissable Treats

Ideally, you will only have one wedding day in your life, so it is understandable you do not want to scrimp on everything or for-go many of the luxuries that a wedding offers. These include items such as a beautiful wedding cake, a high rated catering company, or your dream wedding DJ. Being able to see costs beforehand will help you get a good idea of your overall budget, so visiting websites such as will show you everything you need to know before you get in touch!

Can Anyone Else Help?

Many of us might not be lucky enough to have our parents, parents-in-law, or step-parents come to the rescue with a checkbook as tradition dictates, but there is a chance our loved ones will be able and willing to contribute something to the wedding. Have an honest chat with them about what it is you are planning on doing for your wedding and what you all can afford together. Forgoing a wedding wish list for money donations could help your dream day become a reality, which might be more useful to you than a waffle maker.

Think About Your Guest List

Guests are often another extremely expensive part of a wedding. Not only does your choice of the venue have to accommodate them, but you will have to make sure you have enough food to feed them, too. You will also have to think about drinks. Cutting down your guest list is one of the fastest ways to cut out expenses, such as being able to opt for a smaller venue and a smaller catering option.

If you are all about your day being just focused on you, eloping is also an excellent choice to keep some costs down.

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