How to Create Effective FAQ Pages?

How to Create Effective FAQ Pages?

Most companies with websites have FAQ pages. Some of the questions may be landing or linked to some of the products they provide. It is a way of marketing aside from answering all the frequently asked questions from their customers. The questions can cover a wide area including, prices, service usage, products or business hours. For your page to serve its purpose, you have to get the questions right. Most customers rely on FAQs for their troubles and information. It helps them avoid contacting customer care every time. Potential customers can also make decisions on their own with a glance at your company’s FAQ on the website.

Tips on How to Make Effective FAQ Pages


Where you place the page is crucial. Some tech-savvy people will look for the page everywhere on the website, but most customers don’t. Your job is to make it easy for them to find without too much hustle. The product website or pricing page is one of the best places to position the customer questions. The two places are where most customers begin to have questions about the prices and product features. When it’s placed there, all their questions will be answered as they come. You will save hours of valuable time that the staff would have used answering questions from your customers. It cannot replace your whole support team, but it will be a great supplement as an additional measure.

Monitor Your FAQ Pages

Once your page is placed on your website, common customer questions should be answered. Monitor the performance of the page to know if it’s providing solutions to common minor problems. If the phone calls with the common questions are still coming in, as usual, something needs to change. Review the customer data you used to make the page and browse to see if the customers are still asking the same questions. There should be a clear difference between before the page was up and running and after. If the volume of your common problems is going down, the page is effective. If not, you should revisit the kind of questions you posted and where the page is placed. Another way to know if the pages are working is through the attached links. The links encourage clicks to certain products. If they are moving from the shelves faster than before, it may be because of the common questions you posted.

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Always stick to the basics and keep your questions clear. The design can make or break your page; too much text may confuse your buyers. The answers should be straight to the point; your readers should not have to look for answers between paragraphs. Add a search bar to your design; sometimes, you cannot publish all the questions on the front page. The bar will help you include all the common questions without using a dense format. Customers won’t have to scroll through hundreds of pages to find their question and answer. The questions should also be organized by category. Randomly listing the questions is frustrating to the readers. All your top questions should be linked; it helps with marketing the products more. You can also create a section for all of the most popular questions to save your customers time. Depending on your branding and organization, you can use humour or fun themes on the pages.

Update Them Regularly

Your pages have always to be accurate; that’s why you need to update the questions often. Your company may come up with new products or update the existing ones. the pages should reflect the changes. Sometimes prices may fluctuate; you need to keep the consumers up to date. Otherwise, you risk seeming like the company is using false advertising and lose customers. Your team should always be ready to review and revisit the pages after significant changes in the company. Sometimes it’s about the questions that become very common with time and are not included in the web pages. Updates also show that you take your client’s issues very seriously by trying to provide effective solutions. It shows your team is ready to support all the new products or features that you are launching.

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Frequently asked questions pages have many benefits. For you to enjoy all the benefits, they have to be effective. Check out some of the big brand’s websites and see how they are doing when creating one for the first time, or if you are wondering what is a faq page. The tips mentioned above will help you make a helpful page to take your business forward.

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