How to Create Personalised Gifts

How to Create Personalised Gifts

Choosing the perfect gift for a special loved one or a valued colleague can often be a challenge. Striking the right note can require a lot of thought, but one approach which shows you care more than any other, is to offer a personalised gift. By definition, a custom gift is a unique offering and acts as a true demonstration of your respect and your care. The question is, how do you go about creating personalised gifts? And what should you personalise?

Think about Your Recipient Carefully

Now, any gift needs you to have an understanding of the recipient, but none more so than a personalised present. If you are giving a gift to someone you know well, you might want to reflect on their hobbies as well as things you know they might need. Some people are easier to buy for than others; if you are choosing something for someone who seems to have everything (and let’s face it, we all know someone like that!) then consider something they might not even know they need!

For example, a busy gym fanatic might have all the fancy sportswear and kit they could possibly ever wear, but what about a personalised water bottle or gym bag? Or, perhaps your recipient loves food and drink but eats out whenever they feel like it. In that case, you could cook them a special meal, compile a booklet of your favourite recipes, or even assemble a personalised food hamper containing all of their favourite treats – as well as some new things for them to try!

Personalised Business Gifts

We have all worked with special people who go the extra mile. Offering a personalised gift to a client, partner or colleague is a wonderful way to express your gratitude. By steering clear of generic, corporate gifts, you can show not only how much you respect and value their contribution, but your gift will be appreciated all the more if it is individual to them. Personalised pens make a great gift as they are guaranteed to be used. Each time your recipient picks it up, they will be reminded of the effort you went to in creating a custom version just for them. Check out this site’s expansive catalogue of options for more ideas. Other personalised office stationery, such as custom notebooks or keyrings might also serve as a way of combining practical with thoughtful – perfect for people you work with.

Personalised Experience Day

The pandemic saw a boom in people sending letterbox gifts, but what better way to treat your loved ones than to a hands-on, real-life experience day? Dreaming up a personalised experience is a showstopping way of treating someone extra special to a priceless gift: your time – and what’s more, it can be tailored to any budget. And, it can be catered to any tastes.

On a tight budget, a surprise picnic in a tranquil beauty spot can’t be beaten: you just need to bring the sandwiches! Make it extra special with some personal touches, like including your recipient’s favourite treats, or bringing along napkins in their favourite colours.

The possibilities really are endless for this one, though: a surprise trip to their favourite museum; a day at the beach; maybe a high-speed driving experience; or a surprise weekend camping under the stars! Just one thing: don’t forget your camera, and then you can capture special moments from the adventure and have a photo album made up. Send it to them in the post, and they can look back and remember the occasion for years to come. Or, as a memento of the trip, why not prepare a small, customised souvenir to give them at the end?

Personalised gifts are a joy to receive but also a lot of fun to dream up. And you don’t need to worry if your budget isn’t astronomical – a custom pen, a fancy picnic or a surprise meal will all wow those you care the most about, whether that’s a close relative, your best friend or someone who has gone that extra mile in the office. What’s stopping you? Start dreaming up your next gifts now!

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