How to Develop a Successful Digital Coupon Campaign in 2021

How to Develop a Successful Digital Coupon Campaign in 2021

You definitely understand how difficult it is to grab consumers’ attention, especially if you are a new brand. That’s why marketing takes such a significant portion of the budget in most businesses. It takes time to create a name and develop customer loyalty.

Coupons can help market your business and drive up sales in record time, but you have to use them well. If you want professional coupon marketing, try this UK coupon site. But even if you need a professional, you should know the main factors for developing a successful digital coupon campaign

How to Develop a Successful Digital Coupon Campaign

1.   Create A Sense of Urgency

When people feel like they have all the time in the world, they are unlikely to make a quick decision, if they do at all. Even if you give such a fantastic offer, they will drag their feet. They will wait until the last minute, in which case they might even forget about your offer.

So how do you get consumers to make their minds up quick about the offer? Simple; create a sense of urgency. Most people will only decide when there is a deadline to beat. When you have an offer that runs for two weeks, for example, they will push their decision to the last week or even the last day.

Having long promotion windows is not suitable for your strategy; so, make the window tight. The key reason users don’t utilize coupons is forgetfulness. Urgency marketing enables you to convert leads into sales immediately and grab their attention.

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A great way to create urgency is limiting the promotion period. Running the offer for a limited period acts as an incentive to make the purchase immediately.

You can also use fear of missing out (FOMO) to create urgency by making the item scarce. If an offer is valid for the first ten customers, for example, then everyone would want to be the first! You can also make the offer available on only a certain number of items.

2.   Personalize Your Coupons

Customers like to be treated as individuals rather than a block. But a majority of consumers are also not willing to share their personal information to save money. So, you need to be careful with personalizing promotions.

You can use past shopping experiences and patterns to personalize coupons but never let the customer know that you have mined their data. You should only use personal information that the customer has willingly and actively shared.

You could offer personalized coupons based on purchase histories. Birthday and anniversary discounts are also great ways to personalize promotions, but if the customer did not give such information, they might find it offensive.

People want to feel unique and personalization taps into that desire. It makes the customer feel that they are getting an exclusive offer. Customers will likely respond if they feel valued.

3.   Engage Influencer Marketing

Over 4.14 billion people currently use social media worldwide. That is more than half the global population. If your customers are making purchases via their mobile phones, then they are likely on social media. Nothing beats social media if you want a wider reach for your target audience.

Consumers trust their fellow consumers more than the seller. In fact, more than 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations. In that case, you need influencer marketing in your digital coupon campaign.

Influencers don’t have to be YouTube stars or Insta-celebs. They can be your ordinary customers with a huge following online. When you give customers with influential platforms discounts, you turn them into affiliates.

Influencers can push your product into corners that would be too expensive for conventional advertising. It is also a big advantage in that; you only give promotion codes to a few people. The rest of the customers will come because of peer marketing.

4.   Use Single-Use Codes

If you use the traditional way of generating coupons, you’ll end up with the same code for all the coupons. This means that if you offer 10% off particular merchandise, then every coupon will be the same.

The challenge with the traditional code system is that if the code is shared with many people, you will discount more buyers than you intended. It might help you attract new first-time buyers that you can convert into loyal customers. However, this approach cannot create exclusive incentives. Also, you can’t tailor the discount to suit individual clients.

 Single-use promo codes can help you address the challenges of generic promo codes. This will help you create a large number of coupons, each with a unique code.

5.   Use Game-Design Technique/ Gamification 

People love to play games because it offers a reward at the end. Games show a level of accomplishment, which triggers the brain to release feel-good hormones. This is why gamification can be an important tool in your coupon marketing strategy.

If you can turn the shopping experience into an act, then dramatically increase sales. But you need to identify the right target audience for this to work. If you target busy customers, they may find it burdensome.

A simple strategy you can use is giving specific discounts to the first specified number of shoppers to complete a particular task, e.g., click a link. Another option is to give mystery rewards. You can give discounts with unknown quantities to an identified number of shoppers, e.g., the first ten people to buy a particular product.

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