How to Ensure Your Business has a Trustworthy Online Presence

Trust and ethics go side in side, learn how to build it seamlessly

Think about all the CSR efforts that have been given a push in the last few years – all of these efforts tell us that trust is at a premium, and companies are not backing down in this battle. 

Customers’ trust comes in many forms – but it is one of the most important things one can cultivate for the success of a business. An often overlooked aspect of trust is the online presence of a company. Increasingly, millennials and Gen Z have become adept at differentiating real, honest companies from the fake ones through years of practice in the digital world – and it’s time you step up your business to seem trustworthy online.

1. Be Friendly

Today, there is more competition in the market for every offering than there was ten years ago. A customer can make a choice of which one to go with based on small things like the “vibe” or tone of the company.

How to ensure your business has a trustworthy online presence

To avoid losing customers over likability – the best strategy is to use a tone of voice that is friendly. This has got to do with the brand voice of your company – make it understanding, personalised, helpful – try to talk to your customers online the way you would talk to a friend and watch them instantly like and trust you more. Steer away from more clinical and cold interactions.

Using brand voice strategy guidelines would help you develop a better voice for yourself.

2. Be Honest

Once you’re able to be friendly, you’ll realise quickly that that isn’t enough. Haven’t we all met in our lives a wolf in sheep’s clothing that is friendly but not trustworthy? Here comes the next step then – to be honest.

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If you want people to trust you, never over-promise. Be realistic about what you can achieve and provide – and always make sure that they don’t think it’s too good to be true.

A great way to do this is by writing your story. Talk about your journey, failures and learnings. Being vulnerable is a great way to make people like you and understand you better – which will turn to conversions for you.

Here’s more about how and why to be honest online –

3. Be Considerate

Show your customers that you care about them. Not just them, others around as well. One great way to show that you are considerate and care about others is to be a champion of accessibility online. Accessibility is a measurement of a user’s ability to use products/services, the extent to and ease with which they can meet their goals. 

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Making a website accessible sometimes requires some knowledge of design and development, and some time and effort to be invested. Alternatively, you can use an AI-powered accessibility platform like accessiBe – which provides automated web accessibility solution for ADA & WCAG compliance.

4. Be Supportive

Another way to foster trust is to hear from your customers and try to understand them. Listen to what their issues are through a platform for feedback, through comments, focus groups, and more. It is imperative to start a conversation with them, they feel heard and understood and through this you develop a stronger bond with them.

There are different ways to do this – one way is through regular feedback forms and AMAs – a chance to get the conversation going about your customer’s lives, what they are used to and what they need. UnitQ is also a good platform to understand what customers think about your product, which will help you in the long run as well.

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5. Be consistent

This part goes a bit further from online voice and interactions – a big part of trust is to show the same part of yourself everywhere. Consistency, not just within one platform but across different online platforms is key to making customers believe your authenticity. Online presence includes a lot of facets – Website, social media, forums, videos, sales, ads, etc. Having the same voice and garnering the same trust on all platforms is essential for customers to believe in you. 

Needless to say, the colours, branding and offering you have on all platforms needs to be consistent as well. Trust when created can also be broken. Therefore, it’s important to be consistent always.

Support and You Shall be Rewarded

So here you go, easy ways to develop customer trust online – and principles to keep in mind when you’re looking to garner a more loyal customer base for your business. But know this! Building trust is not a short road – it will require consistent and dedicated effort to build and also sustain. But the business growth you see as a result of these efforts will compound.

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