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How to Find a Dedicated Team for a Software Development Activity of Your Business

hiring a dedicated development team
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As a business looking to create an online presence, hiring a dedicated development team can help you create a solution that meets your customer’s demands. They help drive forward the entire development process by probing the intended use of the software, identify the core functionalities, performance needs, and ultimately design the program.

With rapid technology growth, no company wants to continue using outdated tools and technologies for their development processes. Furthermore, the skills shortage within the IT space makes it extremely hard to find the right dedicated team for software development. 

In this article, we are going to look at how you can find the right dedicated team for software development. We are also going to briefly see the advantages and disadvantages of operating under this model.

Dedicated Development Team Model

A dedicated development team model entails a client contracting a software development company to create a software solution. The outsourcing company is required to look for the best tools and resources that will be used during the development project. On the other hand, the client is required to provide the team with the project’s requirement, pay the salaries, overhead, and administrative expenses. 

Hiring a dedicated team is particularly ideal for long-term projects expected which tend to evolve in terms of scope and requirements. Additionally, it is also the best approach for a business that lacks specific skills and experience to complete a particular project. Therefore, the concept behind hiring a dedicated software development team is for the client to enjoy quality project-specific solutions without breaking the bank. 

In most cases, you will find a dedicated team working remotely. For this reason, having a clear dedicated team structure from the beginning is important. This is because frequent and interactive communication between the client and the developers are encouraged to avoid any misunderstandings. It also gives the client an opportunity to assess the project’s progress while the team is able to learn more about the requirements of the project.

Advantages of Hiring a Dedicated Software Development Team 

The dedicated team model comes with multiple undeniable benefits. This includes;

  1. Saves Development Costs

Hiring and maintaining a full-time development can be costly in terms of salary packages and benefits. That notwithstanding, the recruitment efforts, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding is a time-intensive affair and can cost you a lot. 

By contracting a software development company, all these unnecessary expenses are nullified, plus you get to do it in a fraction of time.

2. Allows for Flexibility

As the client, you have total control of your projects. This means you are able to plan and direct your project within your timeline and the project’s requirements. 

3. Access to Specialized Skills and Technologies

Dedicated software developers help patch up skills that aren’t available in-house. Most outsourcing companies heavily invest in the personal development of their staff hence you are able to enjoy them. 

And whereas this is common in an agile development team, dedicated teams are more nuance-based as they have the necessary technologies to conduct different tests and choose the best fitting for your project.

4. Allows you to Focus on Core Skills

Outsourcing also allows you and your entire IT department to focus on more critical operations. According to a 2018 report by Deloitte, 84% of businesses that relied on outsourcing did manage to deploy some disruptive solutions.

5. Fresh Ideas

Outsourced software development teams work with many clients around the world. This exposure allows them to think outside the box and can be replicated in your projects. 

Demerits of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team

Despite having an excellent line-up of advantages, hiring a dedicated team also comes with a number of drawbacks as well. As a business owner, it’s important to understand them before using this model in your projects. 

  1. Inefficient for Short-term Projects

Having a dedicated team makes economic sense when applied to longtime projects. This is because the client and team members are required to spend a significant amount of time to grow together. 

2. Getting the Right Skills Might Take Time

The primary reason for outsourcing is to fill the skills inefficiencies of an in-house team. You don’t want to hire a team only to realize they have limited skills to deliver your project. For this reason, you need to be completely immersed right from the selection process all the way to onboarding. Otherwise, your project may not yield the expected benefits.

3. Requires Constant Supervision

Although the development team is always dedicated to achieving your goals, you need to be deeply involved throughout the entire development cycle.

Step By Step Process of Hiring a Dedicated Development Team  

How to Find a Dedicated Team for a Software Development Activity of Your Business

There are multiple approaches you can use to hire a dedicated development team. But for purposes of his article, we will try and narrow the process to 5 easy steps.  

Draw the Project’s Framework

The first step towards successfully hiring a dedicated development team is to draw a Product Requirement Document (PRD). This document captures in detail the whole scope of the project including the functionality of the soon-to-be-developed product, technology stack to be used, the planned sprints, and any other requirements for the project.

Hunt for the Development Team

Once you have laid down the full scope of your project, you should be able to estimate the specific number of developers you need. This is where your hunt for the ideal company begins. knows the specific number and skills the team members should have.

There are multiple possible courses of action you can use to look for a development team. This includes;

  • Looking for a dedicated development team by recommendation.
  • Searching over the Internet.
  • Hiring through freelancer platforms.
  • Contacting developers through their social media platforms or LinkedIn.
  • Hiring from a Managed Services Provider

Pricing Negotiation

Once you have the right team, it’s now time to discuss the project scope and negotiate on the pricing. At this point. You should ensure that the outsourcing company is within your budget to avoid any inconveniences midway the project. Here at Mobilunity, we have seen clients coming to us with incomplete projects from different outsourcing companies because they failed to consider their budget at the very beginning.

Vetting the Outsourcing Company Capabilities

The outsourcing company will do an internal search looking for skilled individuals. Consequently, they will present their credentials to you to establish whether they fit the description of what you are looking for.

You will also need to look at online ratings and reviews to help evaluate the team’s reliability and create a holistic view of their performance

Once satisfied, you need to organize face to face or remote interviews with the development team to see whether the faces behind the documents are actually capable of delivering. 

Hiring and Onboarding

Hire the most qualified company, sign a contract,  and agree on the start date. But before you begin working, ensure you spend at least a week to introduce the dedicated team to your in-house team and the working environment. You don’t want to drop the ball after spending plenty of resources to get the right outsourcing company.

7 Tips You Should Lookout For When Hiring A Dedicated Development Team

1. Market Experience

The biggest mistake you can ever do when hiring a dedicated development team is to blindly hire them without probing how long they have existed.  You need to check how long they have been operating and the number of projects they have managed to deliver. If the scales have not changed since inception, chances are high that they aren’t that successful.

2. Technology Expertise

This is especially important if you are looking for a team to help you develop the scope of the project and then implement it. Choose a company that has done multiple projects within the area of your need.

3. Previous Ratings and Reviews

Numbers don’t lie. Online ratings are an excellent parameter for evaluating the reliability of a dedicated development team. Additionally, previous customer reviews paint a clear picture of the dedication and performance of the team.

4. Geographical Location

Dedicated software development with an outsourced team calls for constant engagement and communication between the development team and the client. You need to hire from a convenient location as massive time zone overlaps can significantly affect communication.

5. Pricing

Outsourcing should add value to both the client and the development team. A good team will work within your budget without shifting goal posts or compromising on quality. 

6. Security and Money Guarantees

In the software development world, there are many unforeseen events that may affect project delivery. But what would happen if your team failed to deliver the project? Would you be entitled to get your money back? What are the implications of the deadline violation? These are some of the questions you need to as the company before signing the dotted lines.

7. Adherence to Agreements

You may have a beautifully penned project scope only to realize that your potential service provider has a different working model. To avoid inconveniences midway the project, request for their typical contract to find out the terms and conditions you will be subjected to. 

Final Thoughts

Today, successful companies are striving to look for creative ways to satisfy customers, optimize their processes, and improve the bottom line. And in this digital age, the only solution is to build scalable and personalized software solutions that meet these business needs and help the business grow. 

There are multiple off-the-shelf and cookie-cut software solutions that deliver the desired results, but leaves a lot to be desired. However, hiring a dedicated development team to build a customized solution that would accommodate the growth of your business is the best way to go about it. You not only get to benefit by working with a dedicated pool of skilled professionals but also modern technologies and tools.

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