How to Find a Safe Parking Space in London

How to Find a Safe Parking Space in London

London is a massive city that is always on the move. It is rightly said that London never sleeps. However, this also means that you would be hard-pressed to find good, safe parking spots for your vehicle. With the amount of traffic and congestion that London sees daily, most commuters have given up driving altogether. Instead of finding parking for their cars, they prefer using the London Underground Tube system, buses, and taxis.

When you’re in London, you should consider booking your parking space in advance with YourParkingSpace. You can easily rent a car parking space either on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis. Your car will be safe, off the road, and safe from parking meters. You also wouldn’t have to run to the parking meter in between work to refill it.

Since London is a hugely overcrowded city, you should always think ahead before leaving your home. Many times, you may have to drive for emergency situations. If this is the case, you can quickly book parking spots on the go without having to bear the brunt of driving around searching for parking and wasting valuable time.

Let us look at how you can find safe parking spaces in London.

Get Tech Savvy:

As technology progressed, so did innovations in parking. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, most people were restricted from travel (unless absolutely necessary). What this meant for most travellers was that they would need permanent parking for their cars and bikes.

The best way to find parking in London is to use a parking provider. You can use your smartphone to find the best available spot for secure parking, pay the rental fees online, and avoid unnecessary hassles. You could also find parking close to airports and other areas with high movement. With restrictions on travel lifted, London offices are starting up and slowly working to resume pre-Covid scenarios with their workforce. If this sounds like something your workplace is implementing, you should book your parking on the days you need to go to work and ensure that your car is safe at all times.

Booking a parking slot in advance and ensuring you do not waste time is the best way to find suitable parking in London. Doing this will help you save on time and money and reduce your travel stress and allow you to leave home and reach your destination in time (without speeding or worrying).

Pick a Row:

If the parking lot is full, and you cannot find a place, you should wait for a few minutes. Most people in London have complete itineraries and schedules that require constant movement. If you wait for a few minutes (average of 8 – 10 minutes), you can quickly find a parking space. Picking a row in a parking lot will allow you to see if any spots open up and quickly park.

While you pick a row, it is essential that you also pay attention to others around you. Many times, rows parallel to yours may also open up. If this happens, you can drive to the new row, park, and leave. However, if you do not want to sit and wait idly, you could keep moving in slow circles, searching for a spot. Doing this may not get you parking immediately, and it may also add to your stress. Playing some music to pass the time could help distract you a little and keep you occupied.

Move Out:

Most people park where they are supposed to park. For instance, if you are going to a shopping mall in London, you may keep waiting in the parking lot. However, if it is the holiday season or rush hour, you may be stuck waiting for a while. Instead, you could drive out of the parking lot and look at some of the adjacent streets. Many times, people only park where it is convenient and may overlook the empty road outside.

When parking outside of parking lots, you would have to pay for parking according to the meter. If this is the case, and you may be late, it is best to pay in advance, so you do not get any tickets. The only significant downside is that you would need to calculate the time walking to and from your destination.

Parking in London is not entirely impossible. You need to think clearly, keep patience, and remain alert. To avoid the hassles of searching for parking, it is best to pre-book your parking slot with a parking provider.

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