How to Fix Failing Industrial Seal Fans

How to Fix Failing Industrial Seal Fans

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Manufacturing and production companies across every industry need a good system of industrial fans such as centrifugal and axial fans, but with the large machinery also comes a need for maintenance and the risk of dealing with various types of malfunctions Knowing the root of the problem and how to fix the fan quickly and correctly can potentially save valuable time and money. 

Knowing how to maintain your fan equipment and investing in additional accessories for your seal fan can get you a long way. In this article, we will walk you through some of the most common issues and what the cause may be for a failing seal fan.

Dealing with Noisy Fans

If your industrial fan makes loud and unusual noises, you might quickly realise that something is wrong. Squeaking noises and other loud sounds emitting from the fan can be due to several reasons such as:

  • The impeller is either damaged or improperly placed – can cause it to hit the inlet or housing of the fan. The impeller should always be completely centred in placement.
  • Unwelcomed materials and debris -could simply also have found their way into the fan.
  • Lack of lubrication – industrial fans require regular lubrication to function accordingly without making squeaky noises. You can install automatic lubricators to help prevent these issues.

Managing Malfunctioning Fans

If your seal fan does not work, it may either be due to mechanical problems or electrical errors. These failures are generally more straightforward and are something that can usually be analysed by your service personnel. These problems can for example be caused by:

  • Blown fuses
  • Broken belts
  • Loose pulleys
  • Wrong voltage

Inadequate Airflow Performance

Having an underperforming airflow can also be a result of many different failures. Here it is to ensure the right balance of the airflow. This issue can for example be caused by:

  • An improper setting of the blade angle
  • Being installed or running backwards
  • Dirty or clogged inlet hose pipe
  • Uncentered impeller

Too Lively Fans

If your fan vibrates excessively, it may be at higher risk of breakdown. Therefore, it is important to find the cause of the vibration which can be either be caused by an imbalanced impeller or an improperly balanced motor and sheaves. To prevent this, you should keep a check on correct lengths, rubbing of the fan shaft seals and correct bearing for the motor to handle the required load capacity.

When the Seal Fan Completely Quits

A complete failure of the seal fan can be a critical issue. This worst-case scenario can be caused by higher trending variation and rapidly increasing bearing temperatures. If you have trouble with troubleshooting and solving potential issues regarding the functionality and performance of the seal fan, it is advisable to find outside professional help.

Being able to quickly respond to failures and irregularities is key to ensure long service life and helps prevent you from having to invest in new machinery at untimely moments. 

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