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How to Generate 15% Annualized Returns

What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming, also known as liquidity farming, uses your crypto assets to make more cryptocurrency. It involves lending your cryptocurrency to other people through smart contracts then earn some fees. Yield farming is a new decentralized finance trend that investors use to earn passive income by staking their cryptocurrencies. Any individual can participate in liquidity mining since it plays an important role in the Defi model.

Digital Currency and their Annual Rate of Returns on has already launched three pairs that you stake to earn passive income. That is ETH/BTC ETH/USDT and SUSHI/ETH. By staking to these pairs, it means that you are providing liquidity to the market. So, in return, you get an interest that is always above 15%. yield farming displays the impermanent loss and generates income automatically.

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The first dual currency to be launched was ETH-BTC, backed with a pool defined by stale earnings and impermanent loss. Now two more pairs have been launched, and still, more to come. This feature will be introduced on the mobile app very soon. You can use the website to stake your pair and earn passive income.

How to Generate 15% Annualized Returns

How do I Participate in Yield Farming?

Participating in yield farming is very easy, thanks to Follow these actionable steps to start your investment journey.

  1. Visit the yield farming page
  2. Choose a liquidity pool by Selecting a pair that you like
  3. Choose the coin that you want to liquidate. Note that you can only add one coin at a time.
  4. Read and Agree to the mining service agreement.

The price, pool share, and acquired share will be calculated automatically. You can withdraw your funds from yield farming at any time.

The Best Yield Farming Platform Near Me is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms operated by Gate Technology Inc. This platform is dedicated to helping investors earn passive income through yield farming in its secure platform. Users also enjoy exchanging more than 300 cryptocurrencies listed on the platform. The platform ensures that all assets are safeguarded. Besides, it operates using a smart wallet that protects its users from losing their coins accidentally. For example, the ETC and ETH share the same address.

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Many traders use because it is easy to use, secure, and has a user-friendly design. Besides, it is actively adding more features that traders use to make more profits. For example, sport and margin trading. When it comes to orders, gate io offers both limit and conditional orders. If you want to automate your trades, then you can use conditional orders. This feature allows you to protect your profits and by placing a limited order automatically.

Another benefit of using is Automatic conversion. Sit and enjoy as converts your cryptocurrencies automatically.  When you create an account, you can safeguard your account by Enabling Google Authenticator 2FA and SMS-based verification. In case you come across any hurdles, support is always available via Live Chat 24/7 to assist.

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