How to get the training you need to succeed in your current job role

TRAIN to gain! Official Government figures show a quarter of all job vacancies lie open as candidates don’t have the right skills to fill them.

The so-called ‘skills gap’ is being heightened by the fact that most workers only focus on the training they need to succeed in their current job.

A role you can further train and develop in


A role you can further train and develop inCredit: Shutterstock

A new survey from Degreed found that just 37 per cent of UK employees feel motivated to learn in their current job and below a quarter are learning in preparation for their next career move.

As a result, staff who are prepared to train and upskill not only move up the career ladder more quickly, but also futureproof themselves in the competitive jobs market.

Here’s how to learn and earn, with help from Sun Jobs.

1.  Choose the right employer

 Learning and development is beneficial for both employers and employees, but not all firms provide it.

One in four companies don’t offer ongoing training to staff so if your business doesn’t, either consider taking external courses or look for a company which invests better in its employees.

2. What kind of training do you want?

Training tends to come in three types – specific to a company, a sector or skills which can be transferred across any industry such as leadership or coaching.

There are advantages to each type. While company-specific training will help you advance more quickly in your current company, it may not be that helpful when you come to change firms.

Sector training is great if you stay in the same industry and transferrable skills have the widest appeal on your CV.

3. In-House or External

In-House will provide courses which support you in the workplace but won’t have always recognisable qualifications.

External training usually offers a certificate or qualification which you can put on your CV and it is recognised nationally and even internationally.

Again, both have value and it’s often helpful to undertake a mix of both types of study.

4. Ask about a ‘learning budget’

Increasing numbers of companies are offering ‘learning budgets’ with set annual amounts of money which employees can spend on courses of their choice.

This can be a valuable perk so ask your HR department or seek out firms which promote it when you apply for a new role.

5. What else can I do to train and upskill? 

Plenty! Take advantage of courses on LinkedIn, and free Government training at

Visit the website of your sector’s leading association and see what they recommend for next-step training at your level.

Ready to learn about some exciting new roles with training built in? Here are the top picks from Sun Jobs this week.

Chef de Partie, Soho House & Co, Central London

Cook up a whole new career at this celeb hotspot, with a role offering continuous training.

The Job: Exclusive members’ club Soho House & Co is hiring an excellent and outgoing Chef de Partie to join its Central London team.

What You’ll Do: You will deliver top-class food service. You’ll receive continuous training, with access to the Cookhouse & Tonic programmes which offer unique food and drinks training, events and opportunities to inspire and educate.

You’ll Need: A genuine passion for food and beverage, you’ll be a team player who communicates well with colleagues and is punctual, reliable and trustworthy.

Previous experience within hospitality or in a service-based role would be preferred but is not essential.

Apply Now: See further details of this role, along with other opportunities at Soho House & Co.

Property Photographer, Foxtons, Central London

Snap to it and apply for this fantastic property photographer job, complete with ongoing training.

The Job: Foxtons is hiring a Property Photographer to join its Central London team. 

What You’ll Do: You’ll visit properties across London to take photographs, measurements and details before writing up your notes and preparing marketing material, with the option to complete these duties remotely.

Foxtons provides full training on the company’s own specific requirements, with an award-winning, comprehensive and ongoing training programme.

You’ll Need: Strong photography skills, previous floor-planning experience and excellent written English. Experience with photo editing software is ideal. 

Apply Now: Find out more about this job, or see other opportunities at Foxtons.

Paralegal, Gateley, Leeds

It’s The modern way to enter the legal sector and this Paralegal job comes with access to an exclusive learning platform.

The Job: Gateley is seeking a Paralegal to join its Residential Development Unit in Leeds.

What You’ll Do: You will be responsible for advising and acting for the firm’s housebuilder clients, with development and maintenance of those relationships a fundamental part of this role.

Enjoy learning and development opportunities via the company’s Learn platform too.

You’ll Need: Some previous experience of site set-up in a residential development team is highly desirable, alongside high levels of accuracy, excellent communication skills, high levels of professionalism and the ability to work both autonomously and as part of a team.

Apply Now: Apply for this role, or explore more jobs at Gateley.

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