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How to Invest in Loans and Earn Money with Swaper

Swaper is a financial platform that allows you to invest short-term loans – starting from one month of duration – and earn 12% annual interest which is covered by a buyback guarantee. If the investor has a large sum of money to invest – up to €5,000 or more – the interest rate is ought to be increased by 2% which makes it 14% annual interest. 

In this Swaper review, you’ll find out the easy and advantageous way to earn money through online investing. Swaper, just like other apps, appeals mostly to short-term investments. But for longer durations, it does offer high-interest rates. As of now, Swaper’s system and layout are getting more and more strong and competitive. Thanks to its ergonomics and translation, Swaper stands a place far above its likes. And the cash drag, which was once a problem due to low traffic, is now a thing of past.

How Swaper works for Professional Investors?

For professional investors, Swaper is a great choice for putting your money at least up tp €5,000. That way, you’ll get the loyalty bonus that goes up to 14% interest, making this a perfect platform for earning. 

The auto-invest feature of Swaper is extremely easy to configure; beginners don’t find it hard to settle to that. Moreover, the opportunity to invest in short durations is an easy way to earn money and keep track of your finance. Although the interest of12% yearly is a great deal, but only for short-term investments. It means large sums of money are to be not invested in Swaper because a 14% interest rate even on large sums is probably not appealing. 

Swaper’s updated technicality provides a platform which amazingly matches the demands of general investors. And the buyback guarantee is straightforward, triggers right away after 30 days. The auto-invest feature is a service provided by Swaper to its investors. It’s very easy to configure. 

All these benefits make Swaper one of the best apps for loan liquidity and investing. 

Characteristics of Swaper

  1. Short-term loan durations
  2. Individual loan kinds
  3. A minimal investment of €10
  4. Buyback guarantee available
  5. Currencies: EUR, Euro
  6. Interest rates on short-term loans are 12%
  7. Different platforms offer better returns on long-term loans

How Swaper Loans work?

With 12% interest rates on short-term loans of 1-month, and with long-term loans, Swaper based loan borrowers are located in different European countries:

  1. Spain
  2. Poland
  3. Denmark
  4. Georgia
  5. Russia

What is the Actual Loans Volume?

Initially, Swaper had trouble while handling the large amounts of money deposited on the portal, which makes users concerned with idle account balances; that hold them back to only invest rather low amounts. 

Luckily, the situation has improved. The solutions were introduced to easy layout, organized deposits, and thorough loan setups. Nowadays, even the larger and larger amounts of money are easily controlled by Swaper. 

Who Can Invest At Swaper?

To apply to become an investor, you need to be at least 18 years old with being a resident of a European Economic Area (EEA) country. Apart from that, you must have a bank account in a bank account, in a bank located in an EEA country. An individual will only be eligible to be an investor if he or she has a resident’s permit of an EEA country and is registered as a citizen, and taxpayer. 

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