How to live longer: New study reveals what foods to eat to increase your life expectancy

His team has now been approached by Cambridge Nutraceuticals, a research-based supplement manufacturer which produces Magnesium+ a bio-engineered product shown in laboratory tests to have twice the absorption rate of natural magnesium.

“We know our product is more effective and independent clinical trials using this new technique would be an excellent way to prove it,” said company spokesman Gill ShafferEddie (Edwina) Brocklesby, 76, Britain’s oldest female iron man contestant, said she has been aware of the growing interest in magnesium for more than two years.

“There does seem to be evidence that it is good for muscles and energy levels,’ says Eddie from London, known in her family as iron gran, who six years ago started Silverfit which organises physical activities for older people.

“My daughter is a doctor. I think it was she and a personal trainer at my gym who both told me I should be taking it.”


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