How to Make a Successful Mobile Product in 2020

How to Make a Successful Mobile Product in 2020

If you are the developer of the mobile application, then the question about what to do with the application after its release on the app marketplaces remains very relevant to you. How to attract new active users, keep them interested, constantly increase their number and, the most important, make money on your product. The goal of any mobile application is to make money for its creators and this is absolutely honest and fair because the development of mobile applications is a very difficult process that requires a lot of time, energy, and money for its development and design, including salaries for developers, designers, managers, etc.

First question that you have to ask yourself before making a new product is the choice of a niche and which category of mobile application you want to choose for the development. It’s not a secret that the biggest money is made in games. But if you really want to make money in this field, you have to clearly understand that your game should match all modern trends, be with interesting plot and with well thought out logic and excellent graphics. If you make something inexpensive very quickly, you won’t be able to make ROI on this. It doesn’t work this way. There are other niches where there are much less competitors. Anyway, you and your team should conduct an in-depth research and competitor analysis, and only after that make a decision about your product’s niche and features.

The next step in our discussion is the design and optimization of your app landing pages on the app marketplaces. No matter if you are developing an Android or iOS mobile application, its name should be unique, easy-to-remember and indicate the core app’s idea, so the potential users could immediately understand what this application is for and what functions it performs. It is also very important to choose the right category for your product. Just imagine that you are the common user and think where would you search for some similar apps.

The icon must be bright and attractive in order to stand out among the icons of other similar applications. Ideally, the icon should reflect the essence of your application. Search for the best practices in icon designing and follow modern trends to make it catchy and up-to-date.

Before the full scale promotion, it is better to have the so-called Soft Launch. Usually, in the beginning, the developers launch the product on just a few markets for certain countries before it goes on sale in major markets all around the world. This way you can evaluate how the application engages new users, how it works on a small scale before developing its big promotion. Its implementation will allow you to avoid wasting money on advertising and solve some issues, like fixing the bugs, improving monetization, modifying usability, and getting feedback from the real users.

Before you start promotion of your product on social networks, you should prepare banners, videos and texts for advertising on the internet, press releases and reviews for submitting them for publishing to bloggers, journalists and other influencers. Actually, the pre-launch marketing means a lot for how to market a new product and prepare the target audience for its launch. You need to engage your potential customers with the information about the future release because getting downloads during the first weeks after the app’s release is crucial to its success.

Plan your product’s advertising activities based on its niche. Mobile marketing tactics are usually very similar for all genres of applications. However, they may differ in some cases and you will need to keep these differences in mind. For example, if you are developing a healthcare application, you need to remember that people care a lot about everything related to their health. You will need to build a strong online presence and reputation for your service, as well as develop a comprehensive healthcare marketing strategy. Similarly, working on reviews from influencers and authoritative bloggers will mean a lot for establishing your brand reputation.

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