How to Make Money on Amazon

How to Make Money on Amazon

Millions of people and businesses make a living with the help of Amazon. Since Amazon is a platform that links countless people globally, it attracts many towards its various schemes and programs that help them become its proud partners. There are multiple ways through which one can associate with Amazon to earn a decent income every month or to build a lucrative business.

These include not only becoming an Amazon seller, but other avenues to make money too! Here are some of the most popular ways to generate revenue through Amazon.

1. Sell Products on Amazon

There are multiple options on Amazon if you are interested in selling goods to people and this platform can connect you to tens of millions of customers. If you sign up for the FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) program, you only need to sell. Amazon will take care of picking the items, packing, and delivering them. On the other hand, ‘Amazon Handmade’ is a platform for anyone who likes to sell their crafts and handmade goods.

Amazon represents a huge market of potential customers, but it also means a large amount of competition. It is important to make your listings visible by ranking highly on search results, as few customers will look beyond the first page of products. To do this you need to employ Amazon SEO tactics. Consultants like Tom Buckland help customers to rank their products on Amazon with their expert knowledge of the Amazon A9 algorithm.

2. Engage in Affiliate Marketing using Amazon Associates

If you don’t want to sell anything yourself, you can still profit from Amazon sales in other ways. ‘Amazon Associates’ is one such option, where affiliates drive users to Amazon product pages and earn a commission every time they make a purchase.

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A common example is product review sites listing countless products belonging to a specific niche. You can find review sites dedicated to travel, housekeeping, pets, cameras, and so on. Each product is linked to a corresponding product page on Amazon. When people reach Amazon from those affiliate sites and purchase an item, Amazon pays a commission to the affiliate site owner.

3. Amazon Influencer for Social Media Customers

‘Amazon Influencers’ are similar to Amazon Associates in that they drive people to Amazon product pages. The main difference is that Amazon Influencers typically operate on social media. People with many followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other popular social media platforms can become excellent influencers. They recommend products on social media, and their followers then go to Amazon and buy these products. When that happens, the influencer earns a commission.

4. Deliver Amazon Goods

Delivering Amazon products is another way of earning a significant income from Amazon. You can join the Amazon Flex program or become an Amazon Delivery Service Partner. In the former, you use your own vehicle and mobile phone for delivering Amazon goods to supplement your income. Whereas, in the latter, you establish a delivery team and make use of the Amazon’s logistics and technology to run a fully-fledged delivery business.

5. Publish your writing on KDP

If you have a flair for writing, you can publish your books on Amazon using the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program. There are currently countless authors publishing their works on KDP. For someone who hasn’t published anything before, this is a much more accessible option than trying to find a publisher, which can be nearly impossible for new authors.

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KDP is a blessing for such writers as anyone can publish on KDP for free. Every time a reader downloads a published e-book, the writer gets a royalty. KDP even enables sales of hard copy books, where books are printed on demand and delivered to the customer.

6. Sell Apps and Software Solutions

The Amazon Appstore helps anyone to publish their own apps for various purposes. Creating a developer account is free and easy, and Amazon provides discounts to customers without deducting it from the developer’s revenue. Through the Appstore, an app can reach millions of users globally.

Various monetization schemes allow developers to earn significantly through the Amazon Appstore. Another option to sell software services on Amazon is AWS (Amazon Web Services), which lets developers offer software services over the cloud to earn an income.

7. Stream Videos using Prime Video Direct

With ‘Prime Video Direct,’ independent filmmakers and distributors can earn royalties by steaming their videos. There are flexible earning schemes such as content rentals, monthly channels, and purchases. You can make the video streaming available in diverse platforms, such as the web, smart TV, mobile, PCs, and tablets.

8. Amazon Services

The Amazon Services platform allows users to advertise and sell their professional services, whether you are a teacher, plumber, or beautician. This allows you to be a part of the trending gig economy, which also got a boost with the COVID pandemic, especially for services that can be executed online.

Whether it is to generate some extra income or to set up a full-fledged business, Amazon offers a range of options for everyone. With Amazon, you’ll get vast exposure to showcase one’s products, services, and skills to millions of people globally.

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