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How to Make Money with Website Builders

How To Make Money With Website Builders

Today, many emerging website builders offer their clients some form of mutually beneficial partnership. Since everyone needs a website for business today, and a website builder is the easiest, fastest, and most inexpensive way to strengthen your online presence, there will never be a shortage of customers in this area.

To start making money, you should simply choose a promising website builder, and then, the company’s image will work for you, and you will do everything to strengthen it!

One of such website builders, the progressive Weblium platform, that allows to easily create website for free having no development skills, offers several types of cooperation at once, which will allow you to receive active or passive income tomorrow:

  • freelance activity — creating websites for your clients using the website builder;
  • creating of a website to promote your services on the Web with its further monetization;
  • taking part in the referral program, that will help you to receive income every time a client places an order using your link;
  • becoming an affiliate marketer with Weblium affiliate program;
  • creating your own agency based on the White Label model. 

1. Freelance activity: creating websites for your clients using the website builder

As for the clients, you can find them on major freelance websites like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, or Fiverr. As for the skills, with Weblium, all you need to start making money creating websites for your clients is a sense of style, taste, and common sense: you don’t even need to have special skills in web design, SEO, or programming.

DIY-builder Weblium is a combination of free web templates that are thought out to the smallest detail, an intuitive visual editor with advanced design customization features, a wide range of settings for SEO, and modern marketing & analytics tools.

With Weblium, you can create a website for free (the free plan even includes unlimited storage, SSL certificate, AI assistant) — and then, when you figure out how it all works, you can use all the wide functionality of Weblium  Pro Plan for only $8.25 per month.

And don’t worry if you have no experience: 24/7 customer support will always promptly help you resolve any issue!

2. Creating a website to promote your services on the Web (and monetizing it later)

Building a website using a website builder is a great opportunity for those who want to turn their hobby into a source of income! If you do everything right, with a small investment you can start receiving a stable income soon.

Having an effective website, you can:

  • tell the whole world about your talents and skills and attract new clients every day;
  • use the site as a platform for advertising and create another, passive source of income.

The progressive DIY Weblium builder is perfect for this purpose. Using it, you can create a website in 5 easy steps:

  • sign up;
  • choose a template (250+ professional designs are conveniently divided into thematic categories);
  • edit the design to your liking (the visual editor menu is intuitive, all routine actions are performed in one click, and the integrated AI will make sure that you don’t make mistakes in the design);
  • upload your content;
  • publish your site!

Also, you will need to learn more about the basics of SEO promotion so your site can rank higher in search engine rankings. With Weblium tools, you can customize and maintain your site’s SEO by yourself:

  • add meta tags to your site,
  • markup,
  • alt-text to images,
  • canonical links,
  • “nofollow” tag for external links,
  • create a «404. Not Found» page.

If you need help with SEO settings, you can request one of the SEO packages from Weblium specialists.

Once your site starts attracting a lot of traffic, you can monetize it:

  • you can start selling ad space on the site;
  • or use PPC advertising with Google Adsense;
  • engage in sponsored content;
  • and even use donations.

3. Referral program

A typical referral program works like this: you place a link to a program or product on your website when a user clicks on the link and makes a purchase, and then you get a percent of the order value or other type of reward.

With the Weblium referral program, you can get a whole month of using all the Pro Plan privileges. To do this, just recommend a website builder to a friend! You only need to do 2 simple steps:

• register in the Referral Program and the system will generate a unique link for you. Send it to your friend who might be interested in the Weblium product, or just post the link in your social account;

• when your friend follows the link, signs up, and purchases the Pro Plan from Weblium, you both get a month of using the Pro Plan for free!

Note: Weblium’s Pro Plan includes everything you need to create an effective modern business website — hosting, domain name, CRM & analytics tools, etc.).

You can get an unlimited number of rewards: you receive it for every purchase of your referrals: invite 10 friends — get 10 months of using Weblium’s Pro Plan for free!

4. Affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn a commission by promoting the products or services of the companies you partner with.

If you like Weblium, you know where you can find the website builder’s potential customers on the web, and you want to monetize your content — try the Weblium referral program. You can become a member in 3 simple steps:

  • sign up with ShareaSale affiliate platform;
  • create your partner’s profile and connect to the Weblium affiliate program. Then you will get your personal affiliate link;
  • after that, you will start getting paid every time your referrals buy the annual/monthly Weblium PRO subscription.

Note: if you’re interested in getting special conditions for participation, feel free to discuss them with Weblium Affiliate/Partnership Manager.

What you will get:

  • first-time reward: you receive 40% from the first payment your referral makes;
  • reward for making 70+ Sales: you receive 50% from the first payment your referral makes.

Note: Weblium stores information of user visits via your link for 150 days. This means that you earn money from the people you’ve attracted even after you stopped working with the program!

Also, Weblium offers:

  • tracking all your payments online easily;
  • invite an unlimited number of referrals;
  • no upsells or any hidden payments;
  • marketing assistance: Weblium team helps you to promote website builder offering various effective marketing materials, including banners and text ads;
  • a personal manager that helps you with the onboarding and payouts.

5. Create an agency using White Label business model

Another promising way to make money is to use a ready-made website builder platform to create websites under your own brand!

Weblium White Label is an ideal solution for:

  • Freelancers can use Weblium to easily and quickly build custom websites.
  • Web Studio members get a possibility to collaborate with the team to create a promising Agency and manage several projects simultaneously.
  • Big Agencies can sync the process of building a website among several members and even teams. This allows handling multiple projects at the same time!

Weblium White Label offers strong benefits:  

  • using Weblium White Label Site Builder, you can create a website 3 times faster than creating  one using WordPress;
  • your clients’ sites won’t need maintenance. Once the website is ready, Weblium takes care of everything — from updates to security issues;
  • an easy-to-understand, but very powerful visual editor that offers to create websites using blocks, columns, and rows;
  • SEO-tools out of the box. All settings are intuitive and do not require special SEO skills;
  • modern, effective marketing tools that can be easily added right into the admin panel of your website.
  • 24/7 human support. You get quality help from experienced professionals, but not formulaic responses from bots;
  • the ability to earn even more with Weblium Studio. If your workload is too high, you can always outsource certain tasks to Weblium studio (prices for website development start at $299).

Note: Weblium White Label solution is backed by TemplateMonster professionals, a world-famous marketplace of professional website templates with 18 years of experience.

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