How to Make the Back-to-Office Transition More Efficient

How to Make the Back-to-Office Transition More Efficient

The COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst that has changed the face of the business landscape, and many companies now face a new reality when it comes to transitioning back to the office. There is no doubt that a return to the office will see social distance measures continuing, with possible face coverings, while most offices will work at a reduced capacity with staggered days and hours. It is important these measures are clear, you should consider using The Engraving People to make you some engraved signage to ensure this.

With government guidelines ever-changing as the pandemic continues to make its impact, it’s key to find new solutions for your business that can make the transition smooth with no loss of communication or productivity. Pexip can help to make business meetings simple, with video meetings set to become a fundamental part of our new reality.

Facilitate Changes to the Physical Office

Returning to the office is not going to offer the same experience as before. In many cases, new workplaces will be created that allows for social distancing and safer interaction. It’s important that meetings are set up to facilitate this change and allow for more remote collaboration, even between staff in the same office or building.

Pexip is a flexible and scalable video conferencing platform, aimed at enterprise level to simplify video communication. With high quality and high performing video, you’re able to experience a meeting via technology just as if you were physically sitting next to each other. With two-way content sharing, group chat and 1:1 video calls, transitioning back to the office can be safe and seamless. 

Embrace a Hybrid Workforce

The new working environment is likely to be a fluid one, with some staff at home while others begin to return to a traditional workplace. This will be the case within your own business, but also with businesses and partners that you work with. It’s crucial that everyone is able to access and join the same meeting, regardless of device or technology.

It’s highly likely that, as staff or clients transition between remote working and being office-based, different technologies will be utilised. After all, not everyone will have the same conferencing technology at home or in a remote location as they would in a professional meeting room. Pexip offers total interoperability, bridging the gap between platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business and Google Hangouts Meet.

Pexip makes it easy to meet anyone face-to-face, whatever type of video conferencing platform they have access to. 

Keep it Simple

Pexip simplifies video collaboration at scale, with a host of features that creates a seamless experience for all. The Pexip platform is designed to be infinitely scalable, allowing you to add capacities as your business needs change; with no need for multiple deployments or complex licensing. Further capabilities of Pexip mean the solutions are available as a service or self-hosted in a private cloud, or even on-premises.

Advanced security measures are included to keep information and data private and secure, with a platform engineered to meet the security requirements of modern enterprises. Lock your meeting rooms with simple conference controls, and set room PINs for hosts and guests.

Transitioning back to the office can open the door to new possibilities, allowing you to discover solutions that not only put employee safety and wellbeing first, but also help you to remain more connected than ever before.

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