How to Make Your igaming Site Popular, Ranked and Grow Your Business in Between

How to Make Your igaming Site Popular, Ranked and Grow Your Business in Between

An igaming site is nothing without the perils of affiliation.  An affiliate is an individual that partners up with a gaming site (sports offering or casino) and starts promoting that said site. The affiliate would then create what we nowadays call an affiliate site, and this site brings you regular offers and promos from different casinos or sports sites. The good news is that the affiliate site would also offer you some extra perks, and they are worth a visit or two. 

Some of the bigger brands out there, will always rank high via google ranking. This could be due to the viewership, their offers and the amounts they are mentioned online. What an affiliate would need to do from his end, is include some important elements to the site so that his site is found via google and more visitors are attracted and visit the site.

We have reached out to the team at and we sat down with them to understand what an affiliate needs to do to have a high ranking site. Below is a summary of what our friends have told us. Needless to say, if you have an affiliate site, take note, as these guys know what they are doing and saying. Just a small footnote, SEO Search Engine Optimisation is key to everything, and the holy grail of websites, just saying.

Design Speaks Volumes – Make It Work

Close your eyes and mention the first website that pops to your mind. Most probably you will mention a site that is glossy, fancy and has show stopping visuals. This is what the brain registers and remembers. Always go for HTML5 as sites using this will help search engines crawl to your site’s pages very easily. On the other hand Javascript does not go very well with visuals and might hinder your site’s ranking and people finding you. Rule of thumb, graphics are good, but do not overdo it and kill your site.

Your Site Needs to Work Immaculately on Mobile

You, me and the rest of the world or at least 92% of us have mobile available on our mobile phones. If you have an igaming site, you need to cater for all audiences and markets. Do not make the mistake that all gamblers use a desktop, as most of the punters we know gamble on their mobiles. Make sure that the content in your site is not so heavily that it will delay waiting  and loading times for your audience.

The team at advise us to use, type in your site and  see how user friendly your website is. You will be amazed with the results .

Focus More on Localized Content and SEO is Everything

If you want to cater for a specific market, you need to make sure to promote the right product that is offered in the said market. SEO wordings and phrases will also help your site rank high. Let’s say for example your market is India, include payment methods that are popular in India in your site and use terminology that is used in specific regions or cities in India.  Google is a mastermind in recognizing these little things that will make you rank top.

Many igaming sites have SEO experts in house that are legends in what an article and also an overall site would need to get it recognised and ranked.  Worth to have 1 in house if you wants to strategize for your site to work. If not, at least consider for an SEO consultant to check your site and make it as friendly as possible. Small differences, words and sentence structures make the difference.

Loading Times Need to be Kept to a Minimum

How many times have you tried to open a specific site either or mobile or on your laptop and there are excessive loading times? Most probably you huffed and puffed and closed the site altogether. And, potentially you went to visit and shop at a competitor’s site. Justified? Definitely. We live in a fast word and loading times are a killer. Your goal for your igaming site?  Less loading times as possible. Even if you see a casino review, 9/10 reviews will always comment if the site has fast vs slow loading times.

The folks at chimed in and told us to start using Page Speed Insight and Think with Google to check how your site is doing in terms of loading times.  There are other things you can do to have less loading times. The quality of your site images for starters are the main culprits in loading times, also how well your script writing is presented.

Nurture your site and your site will bring your visitors in return.

Low-Quality Content is a Killer. Choose your Writers Wisely

They always say content is key and the key to good content is good writing. We already spoke about SEO and how specific keywords will get your site ranked.  Now let’s talk writing.  Sometimes you land at some gaming sites and you say …what did I just read and what was the writer drinking?  Lengths of articles also play a big role in how your site does compared to the competition.  Some SEO sites tell you that your articles should not be longer than 500 words, others state the star figure is 1500.

If you want your content to rank as a king you need to add a splash of some elements that create greatness. Make the content engaging, speak directly to the reader and get his interest. Think like a gaming player and what they want, hence keep content relevant and valuable. And finally use a tone of voice that is tailored to the age of your audience. So use data analytics to see the age groups your audience fall in.

You are What You Show

The quality of your site sets the tone for your business. If your site is flashy and tacky do not expect high-end customers visiting you and purchasing your product. Bottom line here is simple, you are what you show.  If you want to be taken seriously as a strong contender in your niche and as serious competition, invest in your site. This is your bread and butter at the end of the day.

Make sure that images are consistent with the tone of voice that you want to portray. Make sure that all your writers and CRM staff are upskilled on the tone of voice that you are going for. Who is your audience and who you would like to attract also plays a big role in your site? Set the tone, and go all in.

Master the Art of Backlinks

White hat manner or the black hat manner. That is the question, and your answer should always ne white hat. Getting backlinks the right and good old fashioned way. Your goal as a website owner is to have a solid amount of good links from reputable sites and such sites would also have given you authority (white hat way) Such links will have a positive impact on the influence that you site has and this contributes to positive ranking order.

As a site owner, you want to avoid having hundreds of links from shady and low budget websites. Target yourself to have 3-5 good backlinks as opposed to 100 that will not get you any traffic or a positive outcome.

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