How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads

Digital marketing is dominating the marketing arena. Many businesses are turning to digital marketing to get traffic, generate more leads, and boost sales. With digital marketing strategies like Facebook ads, you have a cost-effective way to reach your clients and drive more sales. However, to get the most out of Facebook ads, you need to learn the basics. From understanding how Facebook ads work to optimizing them, getting the basics right will bring you more results and boost your business. This article is going to dwell on how to optimize Facebook ads for better sales results.

Multiple Facebook Ads Versions

Of course, you might be the best copywriter. However, Facebook Ads are different. Thus, consider creating multiple versions of your Facebook Ads. Remember, this will give you the diversity you need when it comes to choosing a Facebook Ads that suits your business’s marketing needs. So, have a set of Facebook Ads. This should include some headlines as well as bodies. Each Facebook Ad should have a different message, address, etc. Chooser different structures. From bullet points, short sentences, to longer paragraphs, being diverse will give you more options for rolling out an effective Facebook Ads campaign. Leverage on Dynamic Creative—which is a Facebook function that allows users to add at most five headlines, descriptions, as well as images. This function will go on to combine your different permutations to come up with the best CTAs.

Create Videos

Advertising is quickly embracing video marketing. Nowadays, more clients are turning to video to get content. However, this doesn’t mean the written word is no longer appealing. No. It means that you should combine videos with words.

With videos, you have an increased scope when it comes to creativity. Here, you can unleash your creativity in storytelling. So, make those videos. Make short but captivating videos. Ensure that the stories in the videos are engaging. Create intriguing videos. Good videos will be watched.  A customer will happily spend his/her 20 seconds to watch an exciting video. And do you know what that means? Well, it means you are beginning to get viewers. These viewers can be turned into real leads.

Also, consider setting up a Facebook-based ad funnel when creating your videos. Your campaign should target your lookalike audience. Your video should be centered on your brand. Be sure to tell an exciting story. The video should also be at least a 10-second watch. At the end of the video, include a lead gen ad, offer like eBook, free token, etc.

Lookalike Audience

It’s a fact; you have clients whom you value more than others, right? Well, start your game from this point. Consider leveraging on this strategy when rolling out your Facebook Ads strategy. Create a custom audience featuring high-value customers. This will flawlessly resonate well with these customers. Plus, this will play a key role when it comes to pulling a cold audience because they are similar to your high-value customers. So, if you are looking for a perfect opportunity to expand your high-value clientele, this is the way to do it. So, consider refreshing your high-value audience’s data. Try to establish their explicit behaviors. It will help your Facebook Ads campaign to a great deal. If you don’t have time or technical expertise, consider hiring a reputable company like Facebook ads agency Perth to help you. 

Low Frequency, High Relevance

There are two metrics involved when it comes to Facebook Ads. They include:

  • Frequency
  • Relevance score

In simple terms, frequency is used to describe the average level at which users view your ad’s identical version. According to experts, it’s advisable to keep the frequency at around 3. Going beyond this frequency can severely damage that ad campaign of yours. Here is the thinking—a user sees your ad around 11 times and doesn’t convert or take any action. It means that he/she is unlikely to covert. That’s why you are advised to keep the ad frequency to a maximum of 3.

On the other hand, relevance must be high. In most cases, your ad will be ranked on a scale of 1 to 10 by Facebook. This ranking is meant to evaluate how relevant your ad is. That’s why you should always create relevant Facebook Ads if you want real results. High relevance will lead to positive engagement. Here you will get more likes, views, and shares. You will also attract more comments and clicks. On the other hand, negative engagement includes people trying to hide your ad or even skip it. Negative engagement will lead to a low score.

According to Facebook Ads campaign experts, it’s advisable to score at least 8 when it comes to ad relevance.

Mobile-Friendly Content

It’s no brainer—mobile is becoming an integral part of digital marketing. In fact, Google has made it a tendency to prioritize mobile-friendly content. This is because more people now own a mobile. Plus, the modern consumer uses mobile to access content online.

So, don’t just create Facebook ads that are only meant for desktop. Remember, content for desktop doesn’t score high when it comes to mobile. However, content for mobile can impressively score high on desktops. So, prioritize content for mobile. Create Facebook Ads that are mobile-friendly. Mobile users hate content that they struggle with. They want short, concise, and captivating content.

Target the Right Audience

Like any digital marketing campaign, it’s advisable to understand your audience. Don’t pitch your campaign to the wrong audience. It won’t bring results. When creating Facebook Ads, keep your audience close to your heart. For instance, if you are selling video games, there is no need to pitch your ads to people who are above 49 years of age. Target kids. They love games.

The Bottom-Line

If you want to drive more sales, take your game to Facebook advertising. With Facebook Ads, you are sure of reaching more people, attracting a higher number of click-through rates, and registering impressive sales. Plus, if you learn how to optimize Facebook Ads, you can be sure of reaping real results. The above guide contains everything you should know as far as optimizing Facebook Ads is concerned.  

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