Everybody wants to have financial freedom and live a debt-free life. However, loans and debts are often inevitable and there are several instances wherein these are necessary. Nevertheless, here are some ways that you can look into if you are looking into paying off your major loans fast.

How to Pay Off Major Loans Fast

Consider a balance transfer

Verify whether the creditor of your major loan is open to a balance transfer. More often than not, a balance transfer will save you from a hefty sum of accumulated monthly interest. There may even be instances wherein you can negotiate for lower interest rates with a balance transfer, provided that you need to pay for a one-time transfer fee. Apart from this, you can also consider a loan consolidation to make it easier for you to ensure that you settle the necessary payment even before your due date. After all, it can be challenging to keep track of your loans or debts if there are several of them on your list.

Perform the debt snowball method

In this method, you need to list down all of your major loans from the smallest to the largest. Consider making extra payments on your smallest loan until you clear it off, while making minimum payments on the rest of your loans. Once you clear one major loan, allot the payment you normally make with the loan you just cleared as an extra payment to the succeeding major loan on your list. With due diligence, you will be able to pay off your loans in no time.

Use “found money” to pay off balances

More often than not, people get the money they need to pay for their debts from their income sources. However, there are several avenues wherein people obtain “found money”. This money can be additional revenue when your business is doing great, or a bonus or a raise from work. It can also be a sum coming from another source apart from your normal income sources such as an inheritance or estate loans. An estate loan is a type of fund that allows you to have your inheritance in advance even before the probate process is completed. You can use these types of “found money” to pay off your balances and start your finances in a clean slate.

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Sell what you don’t need

It can be deemed that most people often buy things that they don’t really need. If you have several of these items that still have value, it is better to offer these up for sale. Use up the revenue you generate not to buy new stuff, but pay off your debts and loans. There are several avenues where you can sell your items such as posting them online or holding a garage sale.

Paying off your major loans can truly be rewarding and this can be your gateway to becoming financially free. Thereby, after you do so, it is recommended to put your best effort to maintain your financial status. After all, being debt-free is definitely liberating, even our fresh football players currently plying their trade on loan at various club are looking to finalize their loan contract and move back to their parent club.


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