How to Pick Best Wireless Chargers?

How to Pick Best Wireless Chargers?

Wireless chargers are one of the best inventions in the tech sphere. You simply need to place your smartphone on the top of the charging pad, and it gets charged quickly.

However, it can be quite challenging when it comes to picking up the right wireless charger. Power level, design, and form factor can make a huge difference in the purchase decisions.

So, in this article, we have covered in detail about what are the things you need to look into while picking up a good wireless charger.

How Do Wireless Chargers Work?

The best wireless chargers contain electromagnetic coil, which helps in charging the device and also the gadgets you wish to charge. The power is transferred to your device with the help of induction and charges your phone.

Things to Look Before Buying Wireless Charger


Nowadays, most of the smartphones have come with fast charging capability. The wattage of the wireless charger makes a huge difference in the charging cycle of the smartphone.

For example, if you have a phone of 18-watts and purchase a wireless charger of 15-watts induction, it can charge pretty quickly. Whereas, if you purchase a wireless charger of very less wattage, your phone might take a relatively long time to charge on full cycle.

Most of the smartphones do not need more than 10-watts for charging their phones wireless. But, before picking a wireless charger, make sure to choose from a reputable company. If you pick any random company wireless charge for the sake of pricing, it might end up spoiling your device.


There are two kinds of wireless charger available in the market right now. One type of wireless charger is in a semi stand-style which holds the phone semi-upright. You can easily see the screen without holding it in your hands.

On the other hand, there is another wireless charger that comes in the shape of a pad. You just need to place the phone on the pad, and it starts getting charged through the wireless induction.

Depending on the location of your charging station, you can pick the wireless chargers based on their design. If you are a kind of person who uses the phone even during the charging, then it is recommended to take a standing wireless charger. On the other hand, if you do not use your phone much during the charging cycle of the phone, then it is better to have a flat wireless charger.

Choosing A Reputable Brand

Choosing a reputable brand is very important while picking up a wireless charger. This is because most of the times, the unknown companies use cheap materials to manufacture wireless chargers, which end up damaging the phone.

So, if you take up a charger from reputable brands, they are more efficient in charging your phone and also more durable.

Companies like Samsung and Apple also started manufacturing wireless charger for their smartphones. So, if you buy any company smartphone, make sure to check if they also manufacture wireless chargers. Having a phone and wireless charger from the same company is more preferable than using unknown brands for your smartphone.


Make sure to choose the wireless chargers based on the above-mentioned features and the one that fits your needs. Also, make sure to go with the reputable brands to keep your smartphone safe while charging.

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