How to Recognise the Achievements of Your Staff

How to Recognise the Achievements of Your Staff

Recognising your staff’s achievements is essential if you wish to keep a harmonious atmosphere in the workplace. Disgruntled employees soon fester an unwanted attitude that spreads quicker than a certain virus which caused a global pandemic.

While there are many other reasons as to why a member of staff is unhappy than simply not recognising a job well done, recognition does go a long way to keeping them happy. Even just a simple pat on the back and a quick “good job” can make all the difference to someone’s day.

If you do something well, you want to be recognised for it, right? Of course, you do, and your employees are no different. A pat on the back does not always suffice the level of achievement, so here we have compiled just some of the ways in which you can thank your staff for a job well done.

Company Lunch/Outing

If your team has been working especially hard on a major project, putting in the hours and even working overtime to not only get the job done to a deadline but also a high standard, that should be rewarded. A lunch or outing on the company credit card makes for a great way of rewarding the team without singling anyone out.

How expensive you decide to go is completely up to you, and be mindful of your team’s dietary requirements should food and drink be involved. Either take votes on where your team would like to go/order in or choose somewhere with a varied menu. Do keep in mind that outings outside of work hours may not be possible for everyone, for various reasons, so you may wish to sacrifice an afternoon during working hours for the best attendance.

Company Awards

Does your business hold regular awards, such as an employee of the month or year? If not, then you should consider bringing them in because this is just another fantastic means of recognising the hard work of your staff. This can also serve as a great method of motivating other employees, who watch on as they see their colleague recognised in front of everyone.

Awards need not cost the earth, either, as even personalised glass plaques can be bought for little more than a takeaway lunch. You might even consider investing in a single trophy that gets handed from one winner to the next that lives in the workplace.

Annual Leave

A day off on the company, giving back time they can do anything they please with. Time with the family, to partake in a hobby or just to spend kicking back and relaxing. Offering an extra day, or even just an afternoon, of annual leave on top of their usual entitlement, is regarded as a good reward by many employees.

Not only does this recognise the achievements of a team, but it also helps to promote a healthy work-life balance. As the saying goes, you should work to live and not live to work – in many ways, this is much better than offering a financial incentive.

Bonus/Pay Rise

In many cases, financial incentives are necessary – but should be agreed upon beforehand. Bonus schemes should be set out so that members of staff know what is to be expected before receiving their bonus. This also safeguards against claims of favouritism, should one member of staff receive a bonus that either exceeds or comes below the value of another.

Pay rises should be discussed confidentially, between employer and employee. Targets can be set before a pay rise is triggered, although it is expected that employees will receive pay increments over time with the company (likely as part of an annual pay review).

Public Recognition

In many cases, a quick mention of someone’s achievement will suffice and is the type of recognition your employees want. This can be either as part of a company-wide email to staff, in a team meeting or giving praise in a way so as other staff hear and see it. Similar to company awards, this public means of recognition can also serve as motivation to others.

For some employees, it means the world to them to be highlighted in front of their peers. This can provide the confidence boost they need to develop further and take on extra responsibilities, stepping up in their team and the business.

These are just some of how you can recognise the achievements of your team and you may have other ideas of your own. Whatever way you choose to reward your staff, make sure you do so as fairly and effectively as possible.

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