How to Recruit the Right Team for Your Salon

How to Recruit the Right Team for Your Salon

As a small business, you must take care when choosing the staff for your salon. You want your team members to have the same values, goals, and morals as you. So, taking the time to determine the attributes you wish to have in your team members is the first step when choosing your perfect team. 

However, we understand that recruitment can be a difficult process, so ensuring you prepare is the way to succeed. We’ve put together a list of the ways you can get yourself ready to recruit the best talent the hairdressing world has to offer.

Avoid Mistakes 

Rushing the recruitment process is how mistakes happen, so taking your time is essential to success. Before hiring new employees, you should take out the correct beauty salon insurance to cover crucial areas like employee liability, ensuring you and your new team are protected. 

If you recruit at the last minute, you may end up settling for mediocre candidates. To make sure you pick the best candidates, start your recruitment process as early as possible. 

To attract top talent, you should work on your advert and detail everything you require from your future team members. You should include desired attributes, qualifications, work experience and give your candidates any information about your salon that might help them decide if it is the right role for them. 

Be Selective 

The candidate must tick many of your desired boxes to ensure they are a good fit for you and your salon. They must have a natural creative flair, be able to visualise your client’s style and be open-minded if they need to be.

Most importantly, they must be polite to your customers and always demonstrate a positive and passionate outlook. If there are any other specific traits you desire from your candidates, be sure to include them in your advert. 

Use Multiple Channels for Recruitment 

Online visibility has become necessary for any form of professional activity, especially recruitment. In your search for talent, you should take advantage of the internet and expand your search to find new professionals for your team. As well as using specialised recruitment pages, look at advertising vacancies on your social media pages, blogs, and website, as this is a great way to attract more candidates. 

Take advantage of your internal network of professionals to headhunt talent. You might hear about newly qualified hairdressers or people leaving their current salon, so you can approach them about your available roles.

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