How to Regain Time in Your Business with Workflow Automation

How to Regain Time in Your Business with Workflow Automation

In today’s world, time is an extremely precious commodity. As the owner of your own company, it can be challenging to juggle all the tasks that need to get done in order for you to grow your business, provide quality customer service, and ensure you are reinvesting the right time and effort back into business development efforts. The more your time is stretched, the less time you have to direct towards meaningful activities and ensure you have proper work life balance.

With so many areas vying for our attention, it can be easy to let important tasks fall through the cracks or push them off until later, when they’re no longer relevant. However, there are some simple strategies out there that can help take back some of this lost time and allow you to focus on what matters most – growing your business!

Today, we will explore a few ways that workflow automation can save time and take your business to a highly competitive level.

Understanding Workflow Automation

So, what is all the hype about workflow automation?

In today’s digital world, companies are racing to optimize efficiencies across all areas of work, but not every company has the ability to invest precious engineering and developer resources to building completely proprietary technology. Thankfully, there are other 3rd party options that can support implementing workflow automation opportunities while requiring fewer resources from your internal teams.

Workflow automation transforms existing legacy and manual business processes such as approvals, claims requests, etc., into a centralized, automated system. Consequently, it cuts off human intervention to support improved accuracy while simultaneously freeing up valuable time previously spent on those tedious tasks.

In addition, it also means less chance of error (since they’re based on pre-existing programs), so your employees can spend more energy on other tasks. Moreover, many BPM tools can help you automate your business processes and boost productivity.

How Can Workflow Automation Help You Save Time?

You can finally be free from the monotony of tedious, time-consuming, and manual work processes with automation technology that does it all for you.

Here’s what all can be done with excellent workflow automation software.

1.  No More Creating Tasks Manually

If you’re looking for a way to free your employees from the drudgery of mindlessness, then automated systems may be precisely what you need. They will get rid of repetitive tasks so that they can focus on more creative endeavors like developing new programs or working with clients and customers,

This software is explicitly designed to take care of time-consuming but necessary tasks while removing human error. For instance, many businesses create tasks or action items manually via emails. And it cannot be denied that these manual emails sometimes lead to miscommunication and confusion.

Workflow automation can help you to:

  • Increase task management and understand progress against a deadline
  • Quickly stay on top of potential task blockers or areas of opportunity
  • Save administrative time by schedule tasks in an automated way

2.  Decrease Mistakes through Increased Communication

A recent study has shown that companies can lose as much as 30% of profit due to process inefficiencies.  Humans are necessary, but also expensive hires, and they’re prone to mistakes more than an automated system would be.

With that in mind, it’s crucial for businesses to invest more into automated systems than hiring high-level employees in some cases, especially when efficiency improvement is a key area of opportunity for the business.

Suppose we talk about day-to-day routine tasks or critical matters of even the most professional specialists. They, too, are likely to make a few errors. Therefore, automation driven by solid business rules significantly reduces the probability of mistakes happening.

On top of that, automated workflows will provide you with the in-time answer for any request from your customers. This dramatically boosts their communication experience and grows loyalty to your company.

3.  Automation of Invoice Generation

Invoicing is a fundamental part of most businesses’ accounting. If not done correctly, it can lead to mistakes in the financials. With workflow automation software, however, many traditional processes have been automated and sped up!

Moreover, they can automate many such tasks without going through a series of manual steps that slow down progress and make things difficult when trying to keep up with deadlines.

The power of automation can drastically reduce your workload. For example, if you have a sales team that always charges through PayPal and waits for the Accounts team to generate an invoice, simple automation may create invoices with payment made via Paypal.

Besides, this reduces any repetitive tasks done by staff members in charge of generating monthly or annual bills from customers who use PayPal as their preferred form of purchase.

4.  Manage and Organize Documents with Ease

How many different ways can you organize files and folders? There are so many cloud-based options for this, but the problem is that not everyone will be using them. Maybe your team at work works with OneDrive, or maybe it’s Google Drive. But what about those clients who need to use Dropbox instead of any other option?

To keep the workflow of work on collaborative projects running smoothly, don’t let your team’s document management deteriorate. Automating can make it easier for everyone to be more productive and ensure that all documents are managed without headaches or confusion.

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