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How to Run a Successful Hairdressing Business: 5 Points to Remember

How to Run a Successful Hairdressing Business: 5 Points to Remember

Are you an experienced hairdresser looking to venture out on your own? Starting a business can be a rewarding career change, but it’s also a challenging one to get right. Below are five points to remember when it comes to starting and operating a successful hairdressing business.

1. Provide Top-Notch Service

It should go without saying, admittedly, but as a hairdresser, you’ll be in the service industry. This means you have to aim for an unparalleled level of service.

When you have a reputation for being the best hairdresser in your area, this is going to naturally drive up sales for your business. Yet it’s also essential you supply remarkable service to avoid being embroiled in a costly legal battle – the type that could lead to your business having to close permanently.

Top-notch service also includes making sure not only customers are safe and cared for, but your employees are also safe during their time at work. An injury to a customer can make the difference of having a business people recommend to their friends or having to close your doors for good. if you are looking for advice on how to avoid an injury at work, or deal with the repercussions after having one, then look at the advice published by Aston Knight Solicitors for expert help in resolving these issues.

2. Recruiting Staff

As mentioned above, you need to pay careful attention when bringing in staff members to work at your hairdressers. Whether they are cutting hair or performing reception duties, your employees will play an integral role in forming your business’s reputation.

During the recruitment process, there are a few points to keep in mind to ensure you hire the right people for the job. The job description should be detailed and be clear about what the role entails. Secondly, always avoid hiring the first viable candidate that applies. Plus, make sure you ask the right questions during interviews.

3. Google My Business

There are many tactics to use when advertising your business. One of the best ways for any local business is by creating a Google My Business account. This free to use profile allows you to list important information about your hairdressers – such as its location and opening hours – that potential customers can find instantly.

For more information about the importance of GMB, this article by Adtrak explains all

4. Location, location, location

Your hairdressers’ location can play a large role in its overall success. Even though it will cost extra, you will want to aim for a site that has a central position in a town or city. This way, you not only gain additional foot traffic, but it also effectively acts as a billboard with a prime location that is seen by potentially thousands of people each day.

If you’re situated more on the outskirts, prepare to invest heavily in your marketing efforts.

5. Aesthetics Matter

Aesthetics doesn’t just mean crafting trendy haircuts. Your actual business premises should be appealing to the eye. The exterior should be inviting to those walking past, with an eye-catching sign displaying your business name and where everything is clean.

The interior also needs to feature a warm ambience where customers feel comfortable and relaxed. This can be promoted with strategic use of colours, greenery, and high-quality furnishings.

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