How to Save for a Wedding

How to Save for a Wedding

The big day isn’t called the big day because it’s small. Weddings are typically large scale affairs that involve gathering both sides of the family and spending the whole day together, meaning food, drink, entertainment, and expense, expense, expense. That’s why whenever there’s talk of weddings, there’s talk of how much everything is going to cost and how the happy couple plan to save for their ceremony. Where the couple is already in debt, things can get tricky – see this website for more information. Now, let’s look at some top saving tips on how you could save for your wedding.

Balancing the Budget

This is an obvious first place to begin so we won’t spend much time on this point. The basic message is that until you know your incomings and essential outgoings, you won’t know how much money you have left each month. From whatever is left, you need to consider ways to save as much of it as possible…

Stop any Non-Essential Monthly Payments

We’re all guilty of signing up to subscription services that we don’t really use very often. From music and movie streaming services to gym memberships (and even things like zoo memberships or golf club memberships), we like to keep these things an option even though we seldom put these paid services to good use. Where certain things aren’t exactly either essential nor non-essential, such as TV packages, phone contracts, and home software subscriptions, perhaps consider switching your deal to a more affordable basic package while you save.

Take on a Part-Time Second Job

The options here are literally endless. Although if you prefer to work from home while you earn more money, you’re going to have to get creative. Selling unwanted household items online is a fast way to make a small fortune, but once those things are sold, you need more options. Fiverr has become the world’s largest marketplace for people looking to make money fast by selling small services (e.g. translating, copywriting, voiceovers, teaching, etc.). Although the default price for services is five dollars, you may add extra pricing where applicable. Visit the site to see if your skills and experience could be the key to making the money you need to save and pay for your wedding.

Say Goodbye to a Saturday Wedding

Whilst this isn’t necessarily a way to add to your bank balance, it’s certainly a way to cut your venue expenses. Saturday is by far the most sought after day for weddings. The reason is sort of obvious, being that guests who work normal office hours can party into the night without having to then get home and face work in the morning. Venues know this. They’re onto you. That’s why Saturday weddings can cost so much more. Instead, book way in advance and aim for an off season Monday – Thursday wedding date (off season being the winter months, which in the northern hemisphere means that you can expect discounted off season prices to kick in around October until perhaps March).

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