How to Save Your Home from Lightning?

How to Save Your Home from Lightning?

Lightning is one of the major causes of property loss!!

In many cases, you must have seen property getting demolished due to a bolt of lightning. Especially in Florida, lightning claims are very common.

But it’s not only the bolt that causes the complete damage!!! The devastating fire that starts from a bolt of lightning is enough to take down an entire neighborhood.

It has been reported that between the years 2014 and 2018, approximately 3,800 homes were destroyed in a year in the USA. This report was confirmed by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

There were many various cases of lightning destroying the property of the homeowners along with many businesses. The causes were mainly due to the outrage of fire and power outages.

Lightning can surely be devastating and can cost both lives and property. Therefore, I’ll be telling you everything about the ins and outs of how you can save your beautiful home from these monstrous lightning strikes.

Ways to Secure Your Property from Bolts

Problems are meant to be dealt with with “smart work.” when a problem arises, you need to stay calm and think with a relaxed mind. Don’t rush or panic when you encounter an issue.

You must keep your nerves whenever you deal with such problems.

Here, in this section, I’ll be giving you the ways through which you can secure your home or business property. Therefore, read all the points without skipping any of them.

Install a Home Lightning Protection System

This is one of the best ways through which you can protect your home. In underwater research, it has been found that if you install this protective system correctly, you’ll get approximately 99 percent effective protection from a lightning strike.

This system is very well known in places where the weather is continuously changing and lightning strikes are widespread.

For instance, Florida has drastic weather changes; hurricanes, storms, and floods are prevalent. This is the reason why many homeowners choose this lightning protection system.

In this protection system, you’ll find:

  • lightning rods
  • Main conductors
  • Grounds
  • Bonds
  • Surge protectors

According to the Lightning Protection Institute’s statements, this protection system comprises highly conductive copper and aluminum metals.

These are used so that when a bolt of lightning strikes, they can take it down a low resistance path to the ground (more like an earthing).

Even the Lightning Protection Institute also stated that the homeowners who get this protection system installed would receive a credit from their homeowner’s insurance.

Unplug All the Appliances During a Bad Weather

In most cases of a lightning strike, it has been found that most of the homes getting destroyed were due to the fire that starts from devices that were plugged in.

When lightning strikes, there are higher chances that it’ll directly affect your electronic devices. And it doesn’t stop here; this lightning then results in a short circuit, resulting in a fire outrage or some other devastating event that takes place.

Lightning can also cause blackouts, and this can be a severe problem for many people. These significantly affect your electronic devices and can also cause security issues.

The best way to avoid your devices from getting damaged during lightning weather is by unplugging them.

Keep in mind that these short circuits due to lightning can lead to an outrageous fire. So stay extra careful during such unpredictable weather conditions.

Install Voltage Suppressors for Safe Side

Although we might know all the tricks and tweaks which we can follow during a lightning strike. But what if you are not present at the moment to unplug your devices.

For instance, you are on vacation with your family. Suddenly you got to know that there’s terrible weather on the loose. Now, you can’t go back to your home and unplug all the devices.

So for these sorts of situations, you can always install voltage suppressors to avoid such devastations.

Voltage suppressors are those devices that are designed to protect your devices from a high voltage surge. These devices act as a protector to your computers or other devices. And these suppressors limit the amount of voltage to 1.5 times the average voltage.

There are fewer chances that your devices will get affected due to a sudden bolt from the sky!!!

Get to Know About Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage

There always remains a few loose ends, even if you are fully aware of all the precautions.

If the unwanted happens, you must know about your homeowner’s policy coverage due to lightning to stay on the safe side.

Always make sure that you know everything regarding your homeowner’s policy system. No matter what the policy is, it’s your responsibility to know all the ins and outs of your policy holding claims.

Similarly, when you live in an area where there are chances of lightning, you must know whether your area covers the lightning damage or not!!

And through this, if some unwanted devastation strikes your property and completely demolishes it, you can ask for the claim from your insurance company.

Public Adjuster: A Friend You Can Seek Help From

It really can be a hassle for people claiming their insurance policies from the insurance company.

And in many cases, you might not even receive the amount you have been claiming for. This is because of the lack of proper evidence to support your claim.

Most of the time, when your property gets damaged due to a natural calamity, if you have insurance cover over your property, there are chances for you to get the claim.

But you might not have the desired amount to rebuild your property.

This is where a public adjuster can help you out.

Public adjusters are those professionals who work on behalf of you and make sure that you can get the desired claim for your loss. They are highly experienced in their fields.

They’ll investigate every single damage, so you don’t need to take any stress and pressure.

But one thing that you need to make sure of is hiring a public adjuster to know about their professionalism and take all the necessary information required to get your claim fast and more effectively.

I hope this article will help you know all the ins and outs of saving your home from lightning.

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