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If the budget does not come, selling your older iPhone to buy a new one may be a viable option to earn money needed to buy a new device. But before doing so, it’s a good idea to take a few steps so that the entire operation runs smoothly.

When should I sell my iPhone?

Selling a used iPhone is not an exact science, but there is a time when depreciation may be lower. Typically, this is before Apple launches new iPhones. After Apple introduces new models, users want to get rid of their devices, and their prices tend to fall.

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Where to sell the iPhone second hand?

Private group on Facebook
Ad platform
Used iPhones Retake Physical Store

Do I need to do anything before selling my iPhone?

There are several recommended steps before upgrading to a new iPhone, we will review here some points that will help you to transition to a new one and retain the highest possible value.

1. Unlock your iPhone

An iPhone locked to a carrier will have lower market value than a locked device. If you already have the iPhone for more than 2 years, it is very likely that your operator will unlock the iPhone for free. At worst, you may be charged a fee for unlocking if it is still within the 2-year warranty. The idea is to confirm the case that applies by contacting your operator, so you can also understand the feasibility.

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2. Back up your iPhone

Before doing anything else, make sure you have an up-to-date backup copy of your iPhone. So all your information is stored and secure, so you can easily restore that copy to your new iPhone. ICloud makes an automatic copy every day if it is correctly configured. But if necessary, you can also make a backup through iTunes.

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3. Delete your data

After you have backed up, it is important to delete all your information if you are going to sell your iPhone. You can do this step on your iPhone or through iTunes. The iPhone option is always the simplest, and you just need to take the following steps.

Go to Settings and touch General> Reset> Delete content and settings. If you’ve turned on the Find iPhone feature, you may need to enter your Apple ID and password. If you are prompted for the device code or the code for the Restrictions, insert it. Then touch Delete [device]. If you switch to a non-Apple mobile phone, unregister iMessage. Contact your service provider for help with transferring the service to a new owner. If you are not using a SIM card with the device, you can contact the device for assistance in transferring the service to the new owner.

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4. Clean your iPhone properly

Your iPhone need not only be clean inside but also on the outside. If you are in great condition or made good use of it, this operation will only take a few minutes and can make a lot of difference for the buyer. Pay special attention to dirt around the screen and scratches, fingerprints, and dirt around the buttons or inside the Lightning cable connector.

5. Gather the box and accessories

If you are selling an iPhone, including the Lightning 30-pin cable and the plug-in charger in conjunction with the original carton will make all the difference and often even be a deciding factor over other sellers. Once you have collected all the elements, clean the box and put everything in its place, the presentation can make all the difference.

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If you have any questions to ask, join the sell iPhone group and you can ask questions and stay abreast of all the news and news of the Apple world.


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