How to Speed Up Office Relocation

How to Speed Up Office Relocation

Relocating to a new office might be challenging. You have to spend a long time preparing everyone. It could also mean the disruption of regular operations. However, if it’s necessary due to the rising rental cost or growth in the number of employees, relocation is inevitable. These tips will help speed the process up. 

Inform your Employees Ahead

Let your employees know about the plan. They deserve to know the truth. Their lives will change as a result of the relocation. Therefore, they must know what’s going to happen. They will also start packing their stuff, and it might take a while. Allow time for everyone to prepare and be transparent about the timeline. Don’t forget to provide reasons why you decided to relocate. 

Offer Options to Those Who are Against the Decision 

Not everyone will feel comfortable about the decision to relocate. If the new office is quite far, others will feel inconvenienced. If the relocation is inevitable, as others don’t feel good about the decision, give them options. If they want to resign, allow them to do so, and offer them the benefits they deserve. If they wish to request additional pay due to increased transportation costs, you also have to be considerate.

Start by Moving Equipment

You can’t move everything at once. Start with equipment and furniture, but leave some of them behind for continued office operations. You can also delay your trip to the office supply store until after the move, and rundown your existing stores as much as possible beforehand. In many ways, it is actually easier to deal with bulkier items rather than boxing up many smaller ones.

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Look for a New Location Before Deciding to Move 

Even before you announce to everyone the plans to relocate, you should have a new place to move into. You have to tell people where the new office is and how everyone gets seated. The place should be huge enough to accommodate everyone. It should also be affordable enough to prevent unnecessary expenses.

Ensure Office Transactions Don’t Get Disrupted

The relocation process could take days or even weeks. Make sure the transactions at work don’t get disrupted. Hire third-party firms to help in relocating stuff. You can also have partial relocations until everyone finishes moving. Don’t forget to inform your employees about the timeline so they can prepare. 

Ask for Cooperation 

The only way to speed things up is by requesting your employees to cooperate. Some of them might drag their heels because they dislike the idea. Others are too busy with work, and they don’t have time to pack and move. Let them know that you understand how they feel. Try to be as supportive as possible. Ask your employees what support they need to move quickly. 

Once everyone gets settled, it’s easier to move ahead with regular operations. You should also give them time to adjust. Others might even be late for the first few days since they can’t figure out how to arrive at work on time. The new location requires everyone to adjust, and they didn’t necessarily want it. Therefore, you have to be more understanding.

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