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SAN ANTONIO – Many people are working and learning from home and using their tech more than ever, and with the increased use comes an increased risk for tech support scams.

If you come across a pop-up on your computer from a company claiming to be your computer’s manufacturer that asks you to call a number or allow access to your computer, don’t click the link or call the number.

The Federal Trade Commission says scammers will create pop-up ads that look like the real deal. The ads address an “urgent problem” and ask you to immediately contact the company or provide access to your desktop remotely, leaving your personal and banking information vulnerable to crooks.

If you come across one of these pop-ups, don’t call the number or click on any links. Stop, write down the information or take a screenshot and close out of the window.

Never share access to your computer or provide your bank account, credit card or Social Security numbers with anyone who contacts you.

Next, visit, and report the scam. Include the phone number you were told to call and any other important information you saw on the ad.

Make sure to keep your security software up to date. And if you need tech support, contact a computer technician you trust or a trusted company. Don’t just rely on an online search.

Finally, you might want to let friends and family know about the scam, so they don’t become a victim.

For more information from the FTC on tech scams, click here.

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