How to Spy on Your Children without Them Knowing

Smartphones have become an essential gadget for everyone. The recent pandemic have only stressed how indispensable Smartphones have got. Kids enjoy them for all sorts of activities from learning to entertainment. While beneficial, this unprecedented access to technology has its own share of disadvantages. That’s the primary reason you should be monitoring your child’s online activities is essential. It relieves you from anxiety and helps keep your child safe. If you are wondering how to spy on child, you don’t have to sweat over it. The play store is loaded with apps to monitor kids’ phone.

How to Spy on Your Children without Them Knowing

Apps to Monitor Your Child’s Smartphone Activity

The best way to track your child’s smartphone activity is using clever apps or software that regularly updates you with all the activities taking place on their smartphones without them knowing. Here is a list of the best apps/software that you can use to monitor your child’s smartphones-

1. mSpy

Mspy or mSpy is one of the most popular spying apps for parents. The reasons are- its friendly user interface and its design that allow you to monitor your child’s phone with your own smartphone or computer.

It allows you to view all incoming, outgoing, or deleted text messages on your child’s phone along with their call history. Plus, you can track the GPS location of their device, access the social media accounts like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. Also, it works on iPhone, iPad, or any android device.

2. Bark

Bark is one highly affordable solution to spy on someone phone without them knowing.

Its junior app is easy to install, economical and allows you to monitor texts messages, emails, videos, and social network accounts of your kids.

3. Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the most user-friendly apps to monitor kids phone on the internet. It has an easy-to-monitor user interface and allows you lots of features like tracking live location or kids, checking text messages, and social media.

It gives you a daily report of all the activities of your kid’s smartphones so that you can easily track their usage timings and activities. Plus, it also allows your kids to send location coordinates to their parents.

4. Msee

Msee is a powerful parental control app that permits you to have a watch over smartphones without anyone knowing. The best part about Msee is that you don’t have to root or jailbreak the target phone. Therefore, it is super easy to install. Also, it is quite economical than others and you also get a money-back guarantee for 30 days.

Msee enables you to see almost everything on the target phone be it call and text logs, calendar or notes, real-time location, or browser history. It also gives you access to the device’s files like photos and videos and examines social media activities.


The last on the list is XNSpy. It is one of the popular monitoring apps for parents that let you know everything about your kid’s phone without their knowledge. The most beneficial part about XNSPY is that it watches online as well as offline interactions. It features an instant messaging screen recorder to track real-time conversations, check their typing and phone call recording options.

Plus, you can track emails, online web activities, and social media.

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