How to Tackle Bay Window Issues

How to Tackle Bay Window Issues

Bay windows are a traditional feature found in many homes in the UK. They are an elegant, stylish and attractive addition to any room, lending old school charm to a home. This feature is designed to last, allowing lots of light to brighten up your living space. A bay window has many advantages and these advantages let us forgive the few problems that are commonly associated with bay windows. Even though most of the problems aren’t caused by the bay window itself, but these windows often fall victim to issues with building structure and the subsoil quality, resulting in cracks, drooping, sagging and a plethora of other problems.

So what are your options if you find your favourite bay window dropped?

What Causes Dropped Bay Windows?

Having your bay windows sag or drop can be caused by many simple and not so simple issues. Simple issues have to do with the bay window itself, such as there being something amiss in the structural components like the sash and the frame of the window.

More complicated issues that may result in bay window problems have to do with the building structure itself, where the property is showing movement due to subsidence. Sometimes the fault may lie in the foundations, where they are no longer able to support the window and the peripheral structures surrounding it. Identifying the cause is important, as the seriousness of the problem and the “fix” it requires depend on it.

Problems stemming from the window itself are usually quite simple to fix. An L-bracket may help support the window, but it is advisable to call an expert to examine the window as the issue might be more serious.

If the dropping is caused by misalignment of the window itself, design flaws, or incorrect installation, a window repair professional can assess the damage and make adjustments where necessary to fix the issue.

If the problem is caused by subsidence, the issue is then not as simple to resolve. Subsidence can cause the foundations underneath to buckle which may result in more serious damage to your home. Subsidence must be tackled by experts post haste, you will probably need a structural engineer to assist you in the restoration and repair work.

Always Call for Professional Help!

Whether your window problems are minor or serious, you should always rely on professional help. These are not projects that can be DIY-ed. Any mistakes or lack of judgement can cost you far more in the long run than you save by scrimping on the initial cost of repair.

What to Do if the Bay Windows are Beyond Repair?

If your current windows are beyond repair, you might want to consider making an investment in new bay windows. Modern variations of bay windows are quickly and easily installed and can be energy efficient. They lower your power usage and serve to drastically cut your gas and electricity bills. In addition they can be rigged for enhanced security. Most important of all, with the wide variety of designs available, they can provide the chance for you to revamp your home.

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