How to Use a Sweepstake to Benefit Your Business

Tired of standard digital marketing techniques that don’t seem to reap much reward? It’s time to think outside the box. There are a number of exciting ways to attract customers without blatant advertising or spamming email inboxes – and one of the most popular methods is the use of sweepstakes.

What are Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes are online competitions that usually boast a large, impressive prize, with the aim of bringing in the biggest possible audience.

Usually, sweepstakes only require that an entrant provides their basic details: their full name and email address, and phone number, which the sweepstake host can use for contact purposes should they be the winner.

A sweepstake usually lasts for a month or so, and during this time, it’s a business’ job to spread the sweepstake widely across the internet, to attract the biggest audience as possible. Depending on the techniques implemented by the business, a sweepstake has the power to be hugely influential.

If you’re considering hosting a sweepstake yourself, here’s how to use one to benefit your business:

1. Use the info you collect

A sweepstake gives you access to an incredible amount of data. If you don’t see this as an opportunity for expanding your audience for long-term marketing potential, it’s time you did. Make sure that on your sweepstake entry page, you include a box for entrants to tick if they consent to receiving marketing messages off you in the future.

2. Enlist in the help of influencers

What better way to spread word of your sweepstake than by using influencers? A clever influencer marketing strategy can see your sweepstake reaching thousands of social media users who would have otherwise been in the dark about the opportunity. Just make sure to reach out to the right influencers – getting a fashion blogger to promote a sweepstake for winning a set of golf clubs isn’t a wise idea.

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3. Offer a good prize

If you’re not willing to offer up one of your business’ most expensive products or services, don’t bother with a sweepstake. The whole point of a sweepstake is that it’s enticing enough for a user to dedicate a couple of minutes of their life to apply to. If you’re offering a smaller prize that doesn’t raise excitement levels, you’re not going to create the best first impression of your business.

4. Encourage sharing

The best sweepstake hosts offer incentives for entrants who are willing to spread the word about your competition. Perhaps offer a double entry to anyone who shares your sweepstake on their social channels. This is a simple way to ensure your sweepstake is seen by as wide an internet audience as possible.

5. Ensure you’re well represented

Remember that for most people, your sweepstake is the first real exposure they’ll get of your business. You need to make sure you’re represented well enough that a good number of applicants are intrigued to check out your website, regardless of whether they win your prize. The more leads you can generate from your sweepstake, the more successful you’ve represented your business.


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