How will Sports Cars Look in the Formula 1 Season 2022

The upcoming 2022 season of Formula 1 is one of the most anticipated seasons among sports racing fans. Despite the fact that the season already started in February, some teams presented new models of their race cars only recently. The teams have made serious modifications not only to the design, but also to the construction of the cars, as the new technical regulations of the Championship demanded, that’s why we’re rushing to share with you every detail of the new changes.

How will Sports Cars Look in the Formula 1 Season 2022

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New Generation of Racing Car Design

Well, as for the new generation of racing cars, it is definitely possible to say that their appearance has become much more minimalistic, as the number of aerodynamic devices has been reduced. In the last generation of cars, these details made the exterior of the car look a little bit bulky and spoil the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle.

Another important modification is the decrease in downforce, which means using the ground effect, the last time it was used by car designers was only 30 years ago. Such details as the car’s body and chassis have also been simplified. For the new season, racers will use 18-inch wheels instead of the classic 13-inch ones.


The reigning constructors’ cup champions, namely Mercedes company, presented their new race car back in February. The car company decided to go back to their classic silver paint finish instead of using black as the main color for the body of the car for a long period of time.

Red Bull and McLaren

The Austrian auto racing team, Red Bull, has announced their new car called RB18. As for McLaren, the racing car manufacturers were inspired by the design of the previous generation of sports cars while making new vehicles. The orange color, beloved by many fans of the brand, is now complemented by blue and black lines along the body, which creates an unusual wave pattern.


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the largest sports racing car brand Ferrari, the new F1-75 has been released. The new car has the traditional red and black exterior colors, but the body design is different from the previous models of the brand.

Aston Martin

The new Aston Martin automobile has the traditional British racing green color. The car is featured with new geometric details, which shows a serious attitude regarding the upcoming competition.


Designers team of the automobile company carried out hard work, which made it possible to make changes to the aerodynamics of their vehicles. According to the experts, all the improvements were made under the new regulations. Designers decided to change the iconic body design of the racing cars that they were using for the past 5 years of the competitions, for now the new cars have only a black and white color instead.

The final results of the new racing season are very intriguing, the most crucial question is how the new changed appearance of the racing cars will affect the outcome of the races. We can only guess who will be the champion of the new season. We are looking forward to the competitions and wishing good luck to all participants!

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