Jan. 15: A vehicle off the road was reported, with one occupant; A passerby reported a snowmobile may have hit some trees and bushes, and caller was unsure if the driver was injured; A caller reported a truck and ice house off the side of the road;

Jan. 16: An unoccupied vehicle off the roadway was reported with airbags deployed;

Jan. 17: A caller reported that an intoxicated male, who is on probation, drove his vehicle into the ditch last night and may still be intoxicated; A passerby reported a snowmobile accident but did not know if anyone was injured; A caller’s vehicle went off the roadway and possibly hit an electrical box, and although caller left the scene and did not need medical aid, caller was concerned in case people lose power;

Jan. 18: A 299th Ave. caller reported a car rolled in the ditch but did not know if there were injuries; An unoccupied vehicle that had rolled over was reported;

Jan. 19: An officer assisting a motorist at the scene of an accident that occurred Jan. 18 reported he was asking which tow company had possession of his vehicle;

Jan. 20: An officer responded to a vehicle in the ditch; A semi jackknifed and the trailer went into the ditch.

Animal Related: Jan. 14: A caller said he hit a deer but was unsure if it was off the roadway; A County 33 caller reported she purchased a puppy and was told it was in good health, but she has since found that it has major health issues; A Lake Emma Twp. caller complained about a black dog in their yard that was chasing deer;

Jan. 16: A deer possession permit was requested; A Hubbard caller suspected her ex of stealing her dog, a black Lab;

Jan. 18: A County 6 caller hit a deer but was unsure whether it was still alive; An Akeley caller reported a missing, brown and white Australian shepherd dog with a camo collar that ran away from her friend’s house;

Jan. 19: A 110th St. caller reported a black bear in his yard with a garbage can lid around his neck;

Jan. 20: A patrol vehicle hit a snowbank, damaging plastic parts on the vehicle.

Assaults/Harassment: Jan. 14: A Green Valley Twp. caller said her son was being threatened by a kid who lives in Hubbard County;

Jan. 15: A revoked driver and a female with warrants were reported having a verbal domestic issue in a vehicle; An Onigum area caller reported their cousin and girlfriend, who have a no-contact order with one another, were arguing at caller’s grandmother’s house; A Bemidji caller reported a violation of a domestic abuse no-contact order;

Jan. 16: A Farden Twp. caller complained that their brother was intoxicated and would not leave their mother’s house;

Jan. 17: A Lakeport Twp. caller reported a verbal dispute outside involving a husband and wife, noting that the husband had a handgun on his belt;

Jan. 18: A Farden Twp. caller reported an intoxicated uncle causing trouble;

Jan. 20: A White Oak Twp. caller received a harassing text message from someone unknown; A Farden Twp. caller reported their uncle was causing problems again; A Laporte caller reported a suspicious male at the gas station, who later went into the bar, asking women for a ride to Mahnomen.

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Burglaries/Theft: Jan. 14: A U.S. Hwy. 71 caller reported a Publishers Clearinghouse scam call; A County 1 caller received a scam call claiming his grandson was in custody and needed bail; A County 33 caller reported possible fraud regarding a card she received about the stimulus check; A Mantrap Twp. caller received a possible scam call about computer virus software; A White Oak Twp. caller said her phone number was being used by a Social Security scam operation to dial other people;

Jan. 15: A lobby panic/holdup alarm was activated at Itasca-Mantrap on County 6; A detached garage motion alarm was activated in Henrietta Twp.; A commercial silent holdup alarm was activated in Henrietta Ave.;

Jan. 16: Main entry bar door and bar area motion alarms were activated in Nevis; A garage motion alarm was activated at a home on Long Lake;

Jan. 17: A Farden Twp. caller reported that someone was in his home during the night;

Jan. 19: A County 109 caller reported a possible scam;

Jan. 20: A County 19 caller reported a male attempted to break into the impound lot; A Nevis caller reported a possible scam call from someone claiming to be with the Border Patrol.

Fires: Jan. 14: A State Hwy. 34 caller reported they were burning a brush pile;

Jan. 16: A Henrietta Twp. caller reported someone was burning a brush pile;

Jan. 20: A 136th St. caller reported a large fire on the southwest side of Bladder Lake.

Medical: Jan. 14: An ambulance was requested on 309th Ave. for a male who slid off the bed; An ambulance was requested on County 48 for a male who fell on the ice and was bleeding from his nose and head; An ambulance was requested on County 4 for a 24-year-old female with carbon monoxide poisoning; An ambulance was requested on County 9 for an intoxicated male with back pain who couldn’t get up;

Jan. 15: A lift assist was requested on 150th St. for a 93-year-old male who slid out of a chair but had no injuries; A 309th Ave. caller requested help getting her husband out of a chair;

Jan. 16: An ambulance was requested on 510th St. for a female who woke up with neck pain and said her body was going numb; A lift assist for a male was requested on 309th Ave.; An ambulance was requested in Nevis for a female who fell in the bathroom; An ambulance was requested on County 39 for a pancreatitis attack;

Jan. 17: A lift assist was requested on 309th Ave. for a male who fell but was not injured; An ambulance was requested in Farden Twp. for a diabetic male experiencing blood sugar issues and a low body temperature; An ambulance was requested on 190th St. for heart issues; An ambulance was requested on Count 81 for a male who became stuck in his vehicle when his back locked up;

Jan. 18: An ambulance was requested on County 4 for someone with low blood sugar; An ambulance was requested on State Hwy. 34 for an older female with COPD having difficulty breathing; An ambulance was requested at detox center, Nevis, for a male experiencing high blood pressure and chest pains;

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Jan. 19: An ambulance was requested on County 16 for a female who fell, could not get up and was complaining of back pain; An ambulance was requested on County 38 for a male having a seizure;

Jan. 20: A County 25 caller said he fell out of bed an hour ago and had been yelling but no one came to help him up.

Miscellaneous: Jan. 14: An Akeley caller complained about a disabled vehicle parked outside the gas station; A Pine River caller requested officer advice about getting their mother-in-law, a vulnerable adult, into assisted living; A vehicle was found off the road; A Clover Twp. caller said his neighbor, while plowing a road with multiple homes on it, was plowing a new path onto someone’s property; Officers patrolled a sporting event in Park Rapids; A 911 misdial was transferred from Beltrami County; An Akeley caller, described as “very unclear,” wanted to show something to a deputy that she received as change and wondered if she could spend it; A business check was requested in Nevis;

Jan. 15: A 149th Ave. caller complained about a truck going through her field and tearing up the area sometime during the past couple of nights; A Clay Twp. caller requested advice about a suspicious pickup with a loud engine that comes down to the dead end of their road around 10 p.m. and turns its lights off; A caller said his daughter told him there is a vehicle parked at the end of their driveway on 253rd Ave. with a male sleeping inside; A White Oak Twp. caller was suspicious about a large four-door truck with a topper that pulled into their driveway, got a little stuck, then left; A business check was requested in Nevis;

Jan. 16: Beltrami County dispatch reported a pursuit that may enter Hubbard County, after a vehicle took off while being stopped for suspicious activity and riding blacked out; A Mantrap Twp. caller misdialed 911, explaining that he hit the wrong button in the dark; A 229th Ave. caller reported hearing a single-engine plane’s engine sputtering; Pine Manor, Nevis, reported that someone on a hold left on foot; A County 25 caller wanted to speak with a deputy about what was going to happen tomorrow, anticipating problems with his caretaker when he goes to leave; A County 39 caller wanted help getting her house keys back from her ex-boyfriend;

Jan. 17: A County 25 caller complained that staff at a group home were preventing him from leaving; A County 29 caller requested advice about his truck after he let someone borrow it and they crashed it; A caller said her keys were locked in the car on the lake and they were out of propane in the fish house with two kids; An open-line 911 call from a U.S. Hwy. 71 location had people screaming in the background, and caller disconnected while county units were being dispatched;

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Jan. 18: A 279th Ave. landlord reported their renters will not let them in the house to check on things; Officer assist was requested on U.S. Hwy. 71 in the Laporte area;

Jan. 19: A 189th Ave. caller wanted to speak to an officer about his son, who had left the house last night without permission; A caller wanted to speak with a deputy about thin ice conditions on Long Lake; Officer assist was requested for an ice house that collapsed; A person was arrested on a warrant for probation violation; A K-9 officer demonstration took place in downtown Park Rapids; A Farde Twp. caller reported an ordinance violation;

Jan. 20: A Farden Twp. caller reported waking up and seeing someone shining a flashlight at their home and vehicle, who then ran off; A 911 hang-up was explained as a misdial; A caller was suspicious about a male who was walking; A County 4 caller said trail camera footage showed someone approaching his property on Jan. 19 and walking around his cabin and shed; AWR Enterprises repossessed a vehicle on State Hwy. 34; Officers attempted to locate a female with out-of-county warrants on County 107; An Akeley caller complained about a suspicious person walking around his property; A Chevy Blazer occupant was reported throwing garbage out their window; A number that hung up on 911 before dispatch answered did not answer when called back; A 161st Ave. caller said someone left a rifle at his home for a while and the rifle was returned, but the owner was now claiming that the rifle was not returned to him; A business check was requested in Nevis.

Traffic: Jan. 14: A Helga Twp. caller reported someone put a bunch of nails at the end of his driveway;

Jan. 15: A caller reported a plow truck traveling with no tail lights on; An officer checked an unoccupied vehicle with its hazard lights on; A vehicle blocking the roadway was reported; A semi was reported speeding and passing in a no-passing zone; A vehicle was reported serving on the roadway; A Chevy Impala with no plates was stopped;

Jan. 16: A vehicle was reported swerving all over the roadway, almost causing accidents; A car was reported swerving all over the roadway at varying speeds;

Jan. 17: A Park Rapids caller reportes snowmobilers were jumping a drain off the ditch, and caller said that when they previously reported this, an officer advised him this was illegal;

Jan. 18: Motorist assist was requested; An off-duty Barnesville officer reported a possible impaired driver;

Jan. 19: Officer assist was requested for a vehicle stuck off the roadway near the entrance to a snowmobile trail; A vehicle was reported swerving and driving at low speed; A Dodge pickup was reported blocking 219th Ave.;

Jan. 20: A Nevis caller reported a Volkswagen GTI had been partially obstructing the roadway for four hours; A County 7 caller reported a tree fell across the road, partially blocking a lane of traffic.


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