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HunnyFinance's Latest Introduction HunnySwap DEX Now Available on Avalanche Ecosystem – GlobeNewswire

Leeds, May 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Overview

  • HunnyFinance is a community-oriented, fully working crypto casino platform and poker site built on PancakeSwap, aimed to offer easy access to the DeFi world.
  • The project’s latest introduction HunnySwap is a DEX with strong utilities for Avalanche users to share revenue through Hunny’s innovations.
  • The platform will also offer the XOXO token for HunnySwap with features like trade mining.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) has been transforming the finance world globally. HunnyFinance is one such DeFi-oriented platform that aims to offer easy access to the DeFi world to all its users. Built on PancakeSwap, the BSC-based platform facilitates Yield Farming with lower gas fees. Throughout the year, the project has been introducing multiple products built on DeFi DApps. Their latest introduction, HunnySwap is among the fastest rising ecosystems with strong utilities for Avalanche users. 

What is HunnySwap?

HunnyFinance’s latest feature HunnySwap is built on different DeFi DApps and across chain capabilities. It is a way to deliver engaging DeFi destinations to its users through fun games and high yield. The automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) on the Avalanche ecosystem will also allow users to share their revenue through Hunny’s innovations. HunnySwap will also introduce HunnySwap’s unique XOXO token during the HunnySwap launch. It will offer a maximum supply of 30 million XOXOs released over three years.

HunnySwap Features

HunnySwap’s AMMs are autonomous trading mechanisms facilitating the process required to provide liquidity for trading pairs on centralized exchanges. Built on the steadily growing Avalanche Ecosystem, HunnySwap offers the following features:

  • Swapping or Trading: Users can trade without going through any Centralized Exchange as the platform directly routes activities through the user’s wallet. This way, users are in control of their coins.
  • Liquidity Pool: Users can swap tokens on HunnySwap if there is enough liquidity for those token pairs. By providing liquidity, users will get LP tokens, a way to earn rewards such as trading fees. This way, HunnySwap encourages Liquidity Providers to provide liquidity to the trading pairs, ensuring there’s always liquidity for the exchange to use.
  • LaunchPad: Users and project owners can raise funds for their projects using the launchpad.

XOXO token and tokenomics

XOXO token allows users to trade, swap, stake, farm, play, and have fun with all Hunnies on the HunnySwap platform. The platform offers a 30 million XOXO token supply released over three years. The token distribution is as follows:

  • 80.67 % – Rewards Allocated for Community
  • 6% – Treasury
  • 4% – Development
  • 9% – Partnership, Marketing & Liquidity Management
  • 0.333% – Initial Liquidity Offering

HunnySwap’s unique trade mining feature rewards users with an XOXO token whenever they trade on the HunnySwap platform. The token also offers use cases like XOXO governance, farming, profit from swap fees, and more.

Project owners listing their tokens on HunnySwap and providing liquidity can also sign up as a partner with Hunnypoker and Hunnyplay. 15% of earnings from their tokens will be profit shared with them.

Explore the engaging HunnySwap platform

Despite working on BSC for over a year, HunnySwap developers still opted for the Avalanche platform due to its consistent growth and the heavily saturated projects on the Binance Smart Chain. As Avalanche has fewer projects than BSC, HunnyFinance developers decided to take advantage of the upcoming market and offer different solutions to the existing Avalanche ecosystem issues.

HunnySwap developers have completed the landing page and frontend design. They will soon be listed on CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, DefiLlama, etc. The platform will feature its launchpad, bridging, DAO and governance, and more in the coming phases. With such enticing offers, HunnySwap users can earn profits by simply swapping, earning, and playing.

Join the HunnySwap community on: 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hunnyfinance
Telegram: https://t.me/hunnyfinance
Telegram News Channel: https://t.me/HunnyFinanceNews
Medium: https://medium.com/hunnyfinance
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/HunnyFinance/
Website: https://hunnyswap.com



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