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Huobi Automates Token Listing Application Process

Projects that want to list on Huobi’s platforms will have to sign up and submit detailed information and documents on the project.


Huobi Pro, a major cryptocurrency exchange with a global client base, announced it has launched a token listing service via Huobi Automated Listing Platform.

According to Huobi’s publication, the service was launched on August 4 aims to streamline the listing process also making it more transparent.

It does not mean that any token that applies, will be automatically listed. Instead, the developers wishing to list their token or coin on one of HuobiPro’s platforms, Huobi Global or the professional exchange HADAX, will have to register their intentions on the platform. Additionally, they will have to submit information and specific documents related to the project.

Upon successful verification, Huobi will provide the applicants with a unique account where they will be able to submit, edit, amend and review documents and status related to the coin listing. The account will also give access to reports, videos and live broadcasts on the Huobi Blockchain Project Show Center, which will be launched later.

The projects that failed in their application will receive a reminder to re-apply in HADAX 2.0 and will be assisted in the registration on the Huobi Automated Listing Platform.

Huobi Pro, launched as Huobi in 2013, is a major cryptocurrency exchange with clients in over 130 countries and offices in Singapore, the United States, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong. It plans to expand operations in other locations throughout 2018.

Huobi was among the largest Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges until the ban on crypto trading in the country in the autumn of 2017. This forced the company to move operations and register in the Seychelles – an offshore zone and seek expansion on other markets.

The exchange is part of conglomerate Huobi Global that also includes a mining pool, incubator program Huobi Labs, blockchain-focused investment fund Huobi Capital based in Hong Kong, Huobi Wallet and HADAX – an autonomous crypto trading platform for professional investors that launched in early April 2018.

The platform supports crypto-to-crypto trading and a fairly small portfolio of around 30 coins and tokens, which is not a lot, compared to other major exchanges like Binance with nearly 200.

In July a partner of Huobi, HBUS, opened a US crypto-to-crypto exchange, while Huobi itself launched in Australia, supporting crypto-to-crypto trading.


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