'I dropped two dresses in 5 months by changing shopping habits and saved £1,500'

Bride-to-be Laura Mee-Bishop spent Christmas with her nearest and dearest, eating and drinking all those delicious festive treats.

But once the tree was down and she looked back at the photos from the festivities, she was devastated when she saw what she looked like in what should have been a happy snap.

So, she decided it was time to do something about her weight and set herself the challenge of slimming in down in time for her October wedding.

Accountant Laura, 28, said: “When I saw the photo of myself from Christmas, I knew I had to make a change.

“I just couldn’t imagine walking down the aisle like that, and I definitely wasn’t prepared to pay out hundreds of pounds for a photographer, to just feel self-conscious and hate the photos.”

She was really upset when she saw the photo

Things got off to a good start and Laura, from Derby, signed up for spinning classes at the gym.

She also completely transformed her eating habits, and those of fiance Adam.

She decided to try musclefood, an online healthy food delivery service, and stocked up on meats to freeze, which gave her a clear meal plan to stick to.

She bulk ordered lean chicken, meatballs, sausages and pork tenderloin, and tucked into a varied diet including burgers, fajitas and curries.

She’s worked extremely hard to make a change

She said: “I’d developed some unhealthy habits over the last couple of years – for example, I’d snack whilst cooking, and my portion sizes were just out of control.

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“The amount of food I used to eat would easily stretch across two or three meals now.”

When the UK was put into lockdown due to coronavirus she had to rethink her workout option, and she was determinded not to give up on her goal to weigh 12st for the wedding.

She now goes out running regularly – and has even convinced her future father-in-law to join

She had to give up the gym and instead took up running with her father-in-law, and is working towards running a 5K.

She’s also continued her new diet, and gets priority deliveries during the lockdown as Adam is a key worker.

In just five months, Laura has now dropped two stone and two dress sizes, ditching her size 18-20 clothes for 14-16.

The couple may have to postpone their big day due to coronavirus, but they’re still really excited to celebrate whenever they can

She said: “It’s been a huge learning curve, but mine and Adam’s lives have definitely changed for the better – despite the pandemic!

“I’m also so much more confident now compared to this time last year. I know how to fuel my body properly and I’m mindful of how many calories I’m burning.

“Our October wedding may be postponed because of the pandemic, but if so, I know I’ll be able to keep the weight off and stay in shape because my whole mindset has changed.”

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Weight loss successes

Before making the changes, Laura, who weighed 14st 1, felt too heavy for her 5ft 2in frame and had become unfit, struggling to do simple things like run up the stairs without feeling breathless.

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As well as the weightloss, there has been another huge benefit to the change – saving money.

Not doing their normal food shops and eating less has seen the couple save between £300 and £400 every month.

She said: “We’ve lost weight whilst saving money for our wedding and honeymoon, and we’re feeling much happier and healthier for it.”


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