I lost 13%; what should I do with my mutual fund investments?

I need help. All mutual funds I have invested are going down. I lost overall 13% of my invested amount. What should I do? Please advise me.

–Pavan Chauhan

It seems, you are a new mutual fund investor. Since you have not shared details of your investments, it is not possible to comment on them. We believe that you might have invested in equity mutual funds that invest in stocks. Most equity schemes have lost money in the recent past as the stock market has become volatile. The market is likely to stay volatile because there are a lot of uncertainties. We always ask our readers to invest in stocks only if they have the investment horizon of five to seven years. Stocks can be extremely risky and volatile in the short term. If you can’t deal with volatility and risk, you shouldn’t invest in equity mutual funds. If you don’t understand the basics of mutual funds, you should seek the help of a reliable mutual fund advisor.


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