I Volunteered in Colombia — Here Were My Essential Items!

I Volunteered in Colombia -- Here Were My Essential Items!

In my freshmen year, I lived in a dorm room with three other girls. While they ended up being some of my best friends, I absolutely hated living in a shared space. As soon as that semester was up, I packed up my things and moved into a private room for the rest of my years in college. 

However, when I graduated college I decided to spend some time abroad, giving back to those less fortunate and polishing my Spanish. I found an amazing program in Columbia through International Volunteer Headquarters. The only downside was that I would be living in a shared space once again. 

This time, I knew what to expect! If you are anything like me, then you will benefit greatly from the following list. Here were my essentials for living in the shared volunteer housing, all available on Amazon!

If You’re Purchasing from Outside the United States

I was lucky and had purchased most of the following list beforehand, but not all of them. When I realized that one of my bunkmates snored, I knew my earplugs weren’t going to be enough and needed a different solution.

Luckily, I did a quick internet search and found a great information resource for  “does Amazon ship to Colombia”. I just followed the instructions outlined and was able to get whatever I needed to be shipped directly to the volunteer housing!  

My Top Three Essential Items for Living in a Shared Space

I had a suitcase full of items that I thought would help me live comfortably in the volunteer bunkhouse but, in the end, it was these three items that I considered to be necessary for survival. 

Bluetooth Sleep Headphones and Eyemask

The girl who bunked underneath me in the volunteer living space was barely 5 feet tall, 100 lbs soaking wet, and the kindest person I have ever met. She also snored like a broken chainsaw. 

My earplugs were no match for her snores. So, I had the Musicozy Sleep Bluetooth Headphones delivered to me and found I was having some of the best nights of sleep of my life!

I liked these in particular because they doubled as a sleep mask, to keep any light out when I was trying to sleep. They were also more reasonably priced at $25.99 than some of the others, which was a huge plus!

Satin or Silk Pillowcase

I have wild, curly hair that refuses to be straightened, combed, or tamed in any way. My hair becomes even more unruly if it gets matted or tangled up from regular pillowcases. 

I already had a pretty luxury satin pillowcase at home, but I didn’t want to risk bringing it to Columbia. I found these ShopBedding Luxury Satin Pillowcases for only $9.99 and decided to give them a shot. 

These pillowcases are amazing. I honestly can’t tell the difference between this one and my more expensive pillowcases. Even if you never leave home, invest in these pillowcases!

Shower Slippers

This one is pretty standard. There was no way I was going to be using a shared bathroom without something to protect my feet from bacteria. 

These Menore Slippers exceeded my expectations. They are so comfortable and dry so quickly that they doubled as house slippers for me. 

Final Thoughts

My second try at living in a shared space was much more successful than the first, thanks to these items. Some may be available on Amazon Columbia but they are easily attainable even if they are not through the myUS service!

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