ICELAND is now selling bags of CHEESY hash browns and we reckon this could be a breakfast game changer.

The frozen snacks are made pockets of fried potato with a cream cheese and grated cheddar filling.

 Iceland's cheesy hash browns are filled with grated cheddar that melts when you cook them


Iceland’s cheesy hash browns are filled with grated cheddar that melts when you cook them

The breakfast food takes just 18 minutes to cook in the oven from frozen and have a melt in the middle cheese surprise when hot.

You might want to hold back on piling them all on your plate though as each hash brown contains 133 calories.

The treats come in 600g bags and cost £2 each – that’s more expensive than an 800g of normal hash browns which cost just £1 from Iceland.

You will find them in the freezers next to the supermarket’s own brand hash brown fries, which cost £1.50 per bag.

We couldn’t find cheesy hash browns available to buy anywhere else, although you can save on the brekky side dish by shopping at Asda where an 800g bags costs 90p.

The cheesy hash browns are available to buy online and in stores – you can find your nearest branch here.

Asda is selling hash brown waffles and they sound like every breakfast lover’s dream come true.

Speaking of waffles, Birds Eye says we’ve all been cooking them wrong and we should actually be putting them in the toaster.

Can’t resist one of McDonald’s hash browns? One customer has revealed how you can get a hash brown in your cheeseburger if you time it right at the drive-thru.

The fast food chain is actually extending its breakfast hours so customers have now got until 11am to order their McMuffins.

Even if you miss the McDonald’s breakfast deadline, you can still head to Asda where you can pick up an egg and sausage muffin for just £1.

UFC fighter Craig White gives up the hash browns to lose three stone in two weeks



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