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ICO market continues to attract investment

Although there has been an uplift in cryptocurrency activity in Malta and Philippines, both analyst companies Coinspeaker and Coinschedule note that July 2018 was the worst month so far fr this calendar year in relation to funds collected by companies conducting Initial Coin Offerings. Furthermore, there has been a reduction in the number of firms hitting the 100 percent funding goal. Additionally, there has been an overall decrease in the numbers of companies which have elected to trigger an ICO.

However, for 2018 as a whole investor activity continues to be buoyant and startups are seeking out suitable investors to crowdfund their projects. Three examples of more recent ICO startup success stories are outlined below.

The first example is DxChain, which is the one of the first decentralised big data and machine learning networks. The company has just closed its token sale having collected over $20 million, which equates to 95 percent of its initial goal.DxChain provides a decentralized group of blockchains that allow users to use the network as a data exchange platform to trade their information as well as using the network as a business intelligence platform, used to analyze data to gain business insights.

A second example of a successful startup is with Ubex. This is a global decentralized advertising exchange, which is very near to achieving 100 percent of its set goal. Ubex has so far raised over $8.1 million. The Ubex model is to designed to address problems affecting the advertising industry. By using programmatic technologies, neural networks and smart contracts, the company aims to tackle low ad targeting efficiency, non-transparent counter party relationships and customer dissatisfaction in relation to the quality of advertising.

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Third is offering is ORCA. This is an a platform for personal finances. The aim of this project is to devise an artificial intelligence powered platform whereby token buyers can seek to manage their finances on a single interface. Here users could have access to different bank accounts and payment cards.


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