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Improving Privacy and Safety Iin Urban Homes with Custom Shutters

Improving Privacy and Safety Iin Urban Homes with Custom Shutters

Urban areas require people to live differently than they ever would or could in the countryside. Thin walls and, of course, heavy foot and auto traffic means there is always a risk of people peering into your home. Passers-by can see valuables, opportunity or may see a private moment. It’s a fact of life that many urbanites must live with, but it can cause a huge detriment to their mental health, especially if they handle it incorrectly.

Stimulus deprivation is a common occurrence in situations where urbanites keep curtains closed or otherwise blockading their own view for privacy. It can be terribly taxing on one’s mental health and physical wellbeing, but it can also feel like there is no alternative for those who don’t live in a property that naturally provides that privacy, especially to those living on the first floor of a property.

Several solutions can improve the privacy, mental health, and of course, physical wellbeing. The best solution for homeowners and tenants alike will depend on the property type and opportunities available, but generally will include:

1. Landscaping and Gardens

If there is space available in front of the windows to allow for bushes or flowers to provide a natural barricade, this can be the best of both worlds without interrupting sunlight from entering your home. It can help improve your connection to the natural world, which has been proven repeatedly to be great for mental wellbeing, and of course, it does not interrupt your access to sunlight. This is not always possible, of course, in which case other solutions will need to be considered.

2. Custom Shutters

Custom shutters from ShuttersUp, which can be customized to suit even uniquely shaped windows, is an excellent way to add modern, timeless design and privacy all at once. shuttersup.co.uk can fit you with full height shutters, tier-on-tier shutters, and even track system shutters to make it very fast and easy to adjust your privacy settings. As they are fitted to your windows, they also tend to be ideal for flats and small homes where curtains would add unnecessary bulk to the space.

3. Privacy Glass

There are many different ways to do this. You can add a privacy stripe over your windows that diffuses light on your windows. This allows you to have the light come into your home, but like sheer curtains have one huge downside – it detracts from your own view outside of your home. It’s best suited for rooms that need 100% privacy, like bathrooms. Otherwise, window tinting can be a great solution, but you need to be very careful as poor-quality tinting solutions can cause the glass to crack.

4. Design

Of course, the best way is for new builds to be designed with this problem in mind. From putting enough space between the windows and the street to allow for natural gardening elements to including innovative solutions, a lot can be done to offer urbanites the privacy they need without detracting from their access to natural light, of course, views from outside their home.

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