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The manufacturer Motorola Solutions has signed a four-year single supplier framework agreement with BlueLight Commercial. It’s to deploy 4RE in-car video to emergency services in the UK: police, highways and border agencies, and the Home Office.

The deployment is part of the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) Roads Policing Strategy. This providing of officers with video to capture and deliver evidence is the first to be led by Birmingham-based BlueLight Commercial, which as a procurement body has been leading on supply of PPE to police.

Lianne Deeming, Chief Executive Officer at BlueLight Commercial said: “In-car video enhances operational policing as it brings the benefits of gathering visual evidence from multiple vantage points, aiding decision-making and maintaining a record for transparency. The new integrated in-car video solutions will help the police achieve their strategic objectives for policing the roads: Safe roads, safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe road users and effective post-crash response investigation.”

Motorola says that its product captures evidence from multiple camera points outside and inside the vehicle to deliver a live 360-degree view. Live-streaming to a control room allows real-time monitoring and communication between front line and control room. All evidence is securely processed and automatically stored in Motorola Solutions’ Evidence Library.

The arm of Motorola also offers body-worn video, as used by police forces. Visit


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