India Inc may see higher demand for cloud computing due to Covid-19: Survey –

India Inc may see higher demand for cloud computing due to Covid-19: Survey
Public cloud will see increased adoption in technology-based infrastructure- investments, IDC has found in its recent survey.

According to IDC’s Covid-19 Impact on IT spending Survey, May 2020, as a result of the spread of the pandemic 64% of the organizations in India are expected to increase demand for cloud computing while 56% for cloud software to support the new normal.

SaaS-based collaborative applications are seeing more demand with the increased need to work remotely. Remote work is also likely to increase the need for remote support services, both human professional services and of the cloud software and especially of security/identity.

VPNs, collaboration suites, end-point encryption, and cloud tools will witness an uptake, IDC noted. Industries like media, education, and IT/ITeS are likely to see an increased uptick in usage of digital, cloud-based tools because of online entertainment, virtual classrooms, and increased need for collaboration as a result of increased remote working.

“We expect an accelerated adoption of cloud, as organizations explore testing of many new initiatives natively on cloud. As industries move away from infrastructure of ownership, pay-per-use models are likely to see an accelerated demand. Public cloud services will be among the few technologies that are positively impacted by the COVID-19,” said Rishu Sharma, Principal Analyst, Cloud and Artificial Intelligence, IDC India.

Cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and collaboration tools helped enterprises stay in touch with their employees, clients, and partners, said Sharath Srinivasamurthy, Research Director, Enterprise Solutions & ICT Practices, IDC India.

“Cloud-based solutions continued to run and enable seamless business operations during the crisis and this has increased the confidence of enterprises in embracing cloud,” he said.


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